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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
Here's a quick summary of where things are with the current SAP Community Coding Challenge, and what's to come. 

(The contestants and their successful submissions have now been listed in "SAP Community Coding Challenge 2 – Contestants").

The current SAP Community Coding Challenge was introduced in the blog post "SAP Community Coding Challenge Nr.2" and the submission deadline was Thu 14 May. We spent last week having a look at the submissions, and my goodness you all did a great job.

You sent in over 70 different solutions within the deadline limit, which was very impressive to start with, but what's more - these solutions were wonderfully varied in style, approach and construction.

Some individuals submitted more than one solution, and we got the impression that you really enjoyed digging deep into different techniques. Indeed, many of you seemed to be using this challenge as a way to learn JavaScript, or level up existing JavaScript skills, whether in the area of language, performance or style. To all of you - kudos! Moreover, there were a few that included some functional programming aspects, which delighted me no end, I will tell you that for nothing!

There were also some interesting performance optimisation techniques (performance was not a key goal but it's fun to see how fast things go anyway), a few that used libraries (including Ramda), and one particularly interesting approach that embraced trampolines.

We even had a few unusual submissions; one used SAP Data Intelligence as the context within which to compute the answer, and another couple of submissions technically broke the rules but nevertheless made us smile - one was a solution in ABAP, and another in HANA SQLScript.

The challenge subject itself - the Collatz Conjecture - presented what we hope was an interesting topic generally, approachable to all but with some bite to it nonetheless (one submission even included a link to the paper 3x+1 search programs).

There's plenty to talk about, that's for sure. So there's a live stream scheduled for a look at some of your solutions. Following that live stream, we'll have the pleasure of listing the contestants, finalists and winner. Watch this space!

Solutions live stream:

Date Mon 01 Jun 2020
(0700 UTC)
0900 EDT/GMT-4 (New York) // 1400 BST/GMT+1 (Manchester) // 1500 CEST/GMT+2 (Walldorf) // 1830 IST/GMT+5:30 (Bengaluru)
Link https://youtu.be/RKQTWR4-2PE
Title SAP Community Coding Challenge Nr.2 - Solutions
Description A look at some of your solutions submitted for the current SAP Community Coding Challenge relating to the Collatz Conjecture.