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SAP Community has grown a lot since it was SDN. I would guess that the most used area is Q&A or the archive version of it.  Getting answers to our questions is the most important thing when working against a deadline.

You'll be surprised at all the tools that are in the community besides the Q&A section.

This call will briefly cover Q&A.  Basically because of how well know and used that area is.  I "plan" to go through the following:

  • High level of job productivity

  • Q&A - very briefly

  • Tutorials

  • Direct messages

  • Blogs

  • How to pull it together and relate it to your job

I say plan because we all know nothing goes as planned.  I also can talk fast, but probably not fast enough.

Why would you want to listen to this call?  One of my favorite things about the community is that it goes beyond finding an answer.  It gives you tools to help with your current job.

I will have a PowerPoint.  I also will focus most of the call on demos and examples of how the community has helped with my current job.  I'll also focus on your questions.  I may not be able to answer immediately, but it will make an interesting follow up blog.

Please join me December 18, 10 AM CST.  It should be a lot of fun.

Here's the link: