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I had a community call back in December of last year.  It was all about how to use the community to your advantage.  Additional - how to use it and make your supervisor happy.

A lot of what we use the community for is not really easy to quantify.  This call was set up to give some suggestions on how to quantify, and how to use what you learned for the advantage of your company.

Here is the slide deck:


You can listen to the community call replay.

Some quick words from me to you:

Find all the community calls on this page.  There are some great ones out there.  And don't forget you can replay anything you missed.

However you use the community, it always helps to make it into a value for your company.  It may not be what you started using it for, but it will help to allow you to use it while on the job.

I love the SAP Community.  There are many different reasons why.  It does help me with my job.    There were so many things I didn't touch in this call.  I could easily give a lot of calls and still not get all of the benefits covered.  Feel free to comment to ask questions or to add some more suggestions.  If I don't have the answer, I'll try to find one for you.

Never forget to enjoy and have fun!  There are so many people to network with.  It's amazing.