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Community Administrator
Over the years, the SAP Community has been a great place for experts to share their knowledge, and our reputation program allowed us to recognize these members for their contributions.

With the overall program temporarily on hold, we still want to keep our tradition of recognition alive, so we decided to launch an interim community initiative: the SAP Community Awards!

Open to all members, the initiative consists of two award types: Citizenship Awards and Appreciation Awards.

Citizenship Awards - The SAP Community Experience team will select members for the Citizenship Awards based on factors such as:

  • Quality content contributions

  • Feedback that helps us improve the community

  • Guidance for new members

  • Input that helps us moderate content

To pick recipients, the SAP Community Experience team will evaluate member participation from October 10, 2016 (the date of the launch of the new community platform) to August 2017. We will announce the award winners in September, and they will receive Citizenship Award certificates via email.

Appreciation Awards - Whereas the SAP Community Experience team will select winners of the Citizenship Awards, SAP Community members will determine who receives Appreciation Awards -- through nominations and voting.

You can nominate up to three members whom you appreciate for their contributions and overall community activity. To nominate a member, please read the Appreciation Awards Nominations post and follow the instructions. You have until (or around) July 17, 2017 to submit nominations.

Following the nomination period, we will open voting for approximately three weeks. We will audit the results and announce recipients in September. Nominees with the most votes will receive Appreciation Award certificates via email.


In addition to email certificates for both Citizenship Awards and Appreciation Awards, a blog post will publicly list and celebrate recipients. Also, any recipients who attend SAP TechEd 2017 will be recognized on-site.

I acknowledge that the selection criteria for the Community Awards is much more subjective than what we have used in past years – when we could collect data from the community gamification platform to help identify topic leaders and top contributors. But as noted earlier, with this program on hold, we wanted to provide a temporary initiative that still recognizes valued members of the SAP Community.

So please take a moment to nominate a member who has made your community experience better. Help us maintain a sense of community by celebrating the very best contributors and help members broaden their networks by educating them about topic experts. Through these awards, we will do more than just give recognition – we will strengthen the community together.