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Community Manager

Update: The instructions in this blogpost are no longer relevant. Please click here to read the new guidelines for reporting bugs and providing feedback.

Since we launched beta on May 12, we found great value in your input. By reporting bugs and providing feedback, you enabled us to improve and design a better community. (October 10). We will continue to follow-up on the bugs and feedback you've already submitted (more information will be provided later on).

As Gali shared in her launch announcement blog, after go live we'll be like "A Great New Home...with Plenty of Room to Grow". In order to maintain this growth we need you and your ongoing feedback on new ideas/features and bugs. Please find below information on how to do starting October 10.

Report Community bugs:

A bug is when a functionality isn't working as it should. For example, you click "like" for a blog post and nothing happens. When you encounter a bug, please create a question (using the tag "Using SAP.com") explaining what occurred including relevant links, images and if possible a video. The community team will then review your submission and reply accordingly. If we will not be able to resolve your issue right away we will follow-up and you will get a notification once we post an additional reply. Please note that sometimes not everything that the user thinks is a bug is actually a bug. When something functions as intended but not in a way that you prefer -- that's not a bug. If you dislike a feature, you should share your feedback following the process explained directly below.

Share Community feedback:

We welcome your opinions and comments about the new community platform. Let us know what you think we should improve and point out features that may be missing. Please do so by posting an idea in our Idea Place session.

Before posting to Idea Place, however, please check the Beta Feedback Recap page first. We have compiled quite a lot of member feedback already, and it's possible that your idea is already on our list.

If you check the Beta Feedback Recap page and don't see anything matching your feedback, then please use this link to provide your suggestions in our Idea Place session. Note: You can also search for feedback submitted via Idea Place. (Look for search field "Search This Idea Session" on the upper right of the page.) If you find an idea similar to yours, you can vote on that instead -- so we can see which ideas have the most popularity. 

After you submit your idea, we will follow up and update with our reply and idea's status(e.g. Archived, Approved).

When sharing feedback please also remember to provide relevant links, screen shots and clear description of how your idea/proposal.