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Community Manager
As reported elsewhere (and now promoted throughout the community), we are publishing release notes every two weeks in the SAP Community wiki. You can check that page regularly or if you log in to the wiki, you can choose to watch the page and get notifications whenever we share the latest information about bug fixes and new features.

On the other hand, you may not want to go through each and every bullet -- as the biweekly list is very comprehensive. That's why we'll also publish complementary blog posts here twice a month -- to highlight some of the fixes and features that might be of most interest to you.

This is the first of many you can expect as we continue to improve and refine the community platform based on your input:

  • Members can change their visibility settings for profile attributes -- opting whether to display their location and company name (unless they are SAP employees, who are always identified as part of SAP).

  • Redirect links for migrated documents and personal blogs have been corrected.

  • Active SCN members no longer need to go through pre-moderation when asking questions in the SAP Community.

  • The activity stream now displays blog and Q&A content accurately -- meaning blog content doesn't show up when filtering by Q&A…and vice versa.

  • Members can switch between the Activity Stream and Notification tabs without experiencing problems.

  • A new error page provides guidance for users attempting to access SCN content that wasn't migrated.

  • Pagination has been put into place to limit scrolling for blog posts -- with each page limited to 50 comments (not counting the replies to comments).

  • Uploading avatar images should no longer crash the browser.

  • Logout issues have been fixed (so members don't receive error "HTTP Status 400").

  • The full names of people followed should now show up correctly.

  • Avatar images for members appear accurately when they comment.

That's just a small sampling of what's new. Again, you can find the full list in the Release Notes section of the wiki. And if you'd like to report bugs and request features for future releases of the platform, please continue to follow the instructions on the Reporting Bugs and Providing Feedback After Go Live page.