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Community Manager
Welcome to the very first set of release notes for 2017. This post highlights some of the key new features and bug fixes, as listed in the wiki page for SAP Community release notes.

With this post, we have, wherever possible, connected the updates back to ideas and bug reports from SAP Community members. We plan to continue this practice in future updates as well, to show how we are using members' input to help drive platform development. So please continue to report bugs and share feedback, as this helps us prioritize features and fixes, such as…


  • The content in the activity stream has been reduced, so that more information can appear. Summaries are now two lines, with a "show more" link that will take you to the relevant content.





  • Archive pages now include links that will allow you to find more content (or directly ask questions) about the primary tags associated with the pages. Previously, people might arrive to a read-only page in the archive via search, essentially hitting a dead end if the page didn't provide the information that they required. The new "view more on this topic" and "ask a question" links on the archive pages eliminate this problem by giving visitors additional actions to find content within the community.



  • We had received bug reports describing the issue shown below -- in which users received error messages when logging in and attempting to access the activity stream via an iOS device. (For example: "SAP.com mobile access doesn't work.") This bug has been fixed.


  • In an answers search, the list of results now offers a "show more" button so you can see more than the initial 15 hits.



  • Searches for user tags are no longer limited to 10 results. You'll be able to view older and newer posts as well.


  • Several bug fixes have been made to improve interaction during moderation. The issue with editing and deleting editorial comments has been resolved -- so that authors don't receive the wrong message in their activity streams. Also, authors of discussions and moderators will now receive notifications when editorial comments are made.

  • Members had reported that their blog content in the editor looked different from what was published. Specifically, the posts would sometimes include extra lines not shown in the editor. This bug has been addressed.

We plan to have more updates very soon -- including the availability (finally!) of e-mail notifications. More to come.