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Community Manager
Plenty of news coming out of the SAP Community during the past week or so. Last Monday, we unveiled a road map showing development priorities for the next several months. Two days later, we published a new batch of release notes, and the same day, we shared details about some of the bigger features from the road map -- one of which had gone live, two more of which rolled out yesterday.


In a way, I feel a bit late to the party with this post, but I also didn't want to steal anyone's thunder by posting anything prior or concurrently to their updates. (Mixing colloquialisms awkwardly doesn't seem to be a concern for me, though.) So here then are some of the recent highlights consolidated for your convenience.

    • As I noted above, we shared details about big new features last week: a rebuild of the Browse the Community page, a fresh approach to the SAP Community home page, and an extension of the +Actions menu. Rather than rehash all the specifics, I recommend that you check out Re-paving the Roads: An SAP Community Navigation Update, a blog post that gives plenty of information about these topics (and explains them way better than I could).

    • Speaking of big new features, the last list of release highlights included the long-awaited (much anticipated) email notifications -- an announcement so huge, it deserved (and got) its own blog post. Alas, the rollout wasn't perfect, and when some users attempted to manage, they received an "oops" (sorry...I meant "ooops") message. (Literally. See image below.) I'm happy to report that this error has been fixed.


    • Speaking of the new email notifications (I know...I'm getting lazy with my segues), if you would like some additional instructions about these settings, please watch this new Tip in a Minute video.


That's it for this time. I should be back in a week or two with some more release highlights. And if you missed previous highlights, you can find them at: