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So... I've read something good, but I don't have anything really to say about it. I DON'T WANT TO COMMENT!! What do I do? Better yet what do you do?

I and many others are writing blogs again. Some you read and quickly jump back out of. Thinking, really, why did I click that link. Some you read and think that's cool. Or maybe you think to yourself "I can't do that yet but I'll bookmark it".  Those are the blogs that stay with you.

Those are the blogs that should be featured on the front page of the SAP Community. If you liked them, I can safely say that someone else will. If you know someone who will, share it. There are several places available to share.

How do they get featured? You've got it. They are liked. How do you like them? Why click the like button of course. Um.. Michelle you are crazy, there isn't a like button.  That's where we've got you. It doesn't show up if you aren't logged on. You need a community ID to do that. Of course they are free. So why not get one?

For those of that write blogs, there are three things that really make us happy.

  1. That someone read it.

  2. That they comment.

  3. That they like it.

So - no comment - OK. Like our blogs. That just means  you found something you liked in it.  And it will bring a smile to the blog writer's face. And trust me everyone needs a smile. It may make that horrible day great!

Oh and let's not forget question/answers

If you like that answer click the up arrow. It doesn't have to be your question. But it sure will help future people in there search. Plus, of course, there is always the smile on the person's face that answered the question.

Want to know much more than I put in this blog?  Check out the about community page.  This information is all over search for the using sap tag.

My short and sweet blog of the day! Why? I'm not seeing very many "likes". I've read some amazing, thoughtful, and well written blogs.

Here's to hoping you learn something from a blog, get or find a great answer! And then vote them up or like them.

I LOVE comments.    This one is from jerry.janda - just in case you don't read comments:  I learn a little bit more each day.


And let’s not forget those buttons to the left of the “like” button. If you liked a blog, why not let others know they should read it too? A brief promotion on social media makes the author feel good, and it helps more people find valuable content.

Here’s a timely example: Someone already gave this blog some recognition on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MeikBrand/status/959461072737570816

I, in turn, gave it a like, plus responded — once again promoting this blog post, plus other content: https://twitter.com/workjerryjanda/status/959480613177909248

Liking, tweeting, replying, retweeting…the more we do to spread the word (and the love), the more we support (and encourage!) our talented writers…both the vets and the people blogging for the very first time.

If you do tweet, make sure to mention @SAPCommunity (our official Twitter account) or include the #SAPCommunity hashtag. Even more people will see it that way. (People still use #SCN too, but that hashtag is a little outdated — plus it’s used for a variety of other things, so our content can get lost in the feed.)

BTW, in my tweet, you’ll see that I once again gave a shout-out for caroleigh.deneen ‘s 2017 blog retrospective: https://blogs.sap.com/2018/01/24/2017-blog-retrospective/. We (the SAP Community Experience team) are planning new spotlights for blogs this year. We want to bring attention to member-written blogs. More to come!