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Community Manager
July's Member of the Month earns high praise for his contributions to the MAN Production Planning (PP) topic. You might even say he's the "MAN" in that area. (I mean...you might say that. I would never dream of making such a pun.)

To quote one in-the-know moderator (speaking about our latest Member of the Month): "He is very active in the MAN Production Planning (PP) space, answering questions from other users. His answers are usually very detailed, including screenshots and guiding to the correct answer. He wrote a couple of blogs that are also very useful and detailed."

Sounds like Member of the Month material to me. And here he is, July's Member of the Month, rajasekaharareddy.bannuru.

At this point of the intro, I'd usually drop some numbers -- the amount of questions answered, blogs published, and followers earned. And with 163 answers given, Raja certainly earned his "active" acclaim. But with ten followers, Raja may be one of the community's best secrets. Let's change that right now and give him the spotlight he so richly deserves.

Congratulations, Raja! How does it feel to become part of the Member of the Month Hall of Fame?

Many thanks, Jerry, for hearing this good news from you, and it's great news for me. It’s really a great pleasure for me to know that my name will appear in the Member of the Month Hall of Fame for July

This boosts my morale exponentially and encourages me to become much more active and  to deliver many more useful contributions in the future.

Cheers! Raja enjoying dinner with colleagues from Itelligence, his current employer.


That's what I like to hear! I love knowing members want to get more active...but I also know you have a day job. According to your profile, you work for Itelligence India. Could you explain what you do there?

I work as a senior SAP consultant for the SAP Delivery Team, primarily focusing on the S/4HANA implementation projects and also on system build activities. At Itelligence India, we always get the opportunity to work with the latest technologies from SAP. Itelligence India is part of Itelligence, USA.

Where is Itelligence India?

It’s located in Hi-Tech City, Hyderabad (Nawab City), which is in the southern part of India, and it serves the most delicious and spicy Indian food, named biryani.

Spicy food? Sounds like my kind of town. Is that your home town too?

Yes, it’s the same. I live here and settled here in Hyderabad with my family. My birthplace is about 200 kilometers from Hyderabad. That is Miduthur, Kurnool (Dt), which lies in the next prefecture, Andhra Pradesh, another Telugu-speaking state.

Your profile indicates that Telugu is one of the languages you know. You speak five -- including Japanese. This makes me think that you've done some traveling in your life?

I love to explore new things. I'm a travelphile and this quality of mine made me start my career with a Japanese multinational company, called YKK. That's why I learnt the Japanese language, as I needed to travel to Japan to get trained at YKK Japan for the production process and techniques. One more interesting point which made me want to become fluent in Japanese was my boss, Mr. Fujio Terada, who speaks only in Japanese with whoever is in front of him. All this credit goes to my beloved and respected boss.

Being an Indian, my mother tongue is Telugu. During my studies, I learnt English and Hindi. I worked in Chennai (Tamilnadu, India), for a long while, which made me learn Tamil. With all these, there are five languages in my mind as of this date.

Raja began his career with YKK, a Japanese company. Here he visits Japan for the first time.


So you started with YKK. Now I'm curious to know about your career path. How did you arrive in your current position?

I worked for YKK India for nine years, starting as a project manager and reaching the level of senior production manager. Then I worked as a technical advisor for about eight months. After that, I worked for four years as a deputy general manager for manufacturing for ZIP Industries Ltd. After attaining this rich experience in manufacturing at various levels, I completed my SAP PP certification with valuable advice from my best buddy, Mr. D. B. Venu.

From there, I started my career in SAP consulting. I worked for YASH Technologies as an SAP consultant, then for WIPRO Ltd. as a senior SAP PP consultant, then for IT CAN Business Solutions in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, as a senior SAP PP/QM consultant, then for Tech Mahindra Ltd as a tech manager.

In October of 2016, I joined my current company, Itelligence India, as a senior SAP consultant. In this role, I worked for global Implementation, global support, and rollout and testing projects in SAP. Recently, I completed one of the S/4 HANA 1610 implementation projects successfully.

Well, that explains how you became such an expert in MAN Production Planning (PP). You must really enjoy this specialization?

Yes, I worked for a very long period in the manufacturing sector, at various levels, across the functions and industries. With this strong experience, I chose my SAP certification in production planning and execution, then started my SAP consulting career. My love and interest in this subject and profession always make me look forward to exploring and enriching new skills.

When and why did you join the SAP Community (or perhaps it was SCN, or even SDN, at the time)?

In fact, I joined the SAP community in the year 2010. I did not participate much actively in the beginning. As time passed my interest grew by reading the responses and replies from the forum members about the real-time manufacturing scenarios, which really are useful and helpful for providing the best and optimal possible solutions from SAP. This ignited me to respond and to become an active member of this community.

Since you've answered so many questions -- again, more than 160 at the time of this interview -- I'm guessing you make the SAP Community part of your everyday routine. Could you let me know how you fit that into your schedule?

As I work for the U.S. clients mostly, my office work will start from the second half of the day. So, in the first half of the day, generally I dedicate some time to look at the active communities and forums and other personal stuff and social media like WhatsApp, et cetera.

In addition to your answering activity, the moderator I quoted in the introduction also praised your two blog posts. You did one in August of last year and the other in April. What inspired you to write those and can we expect more posts from you?

In the new S/4HANA system, I noticed some of the very interesting features of the manufacturing methods. Those are the typical business process scenarios where we can find the most useful and user-friendly steps for the business requirements. So I thought of sharing these tips through a blog, which might be useful for other friends across the globe.

Yes, I am also looking forward to publishing more interesting and useful blogs in the future -- in the area of production planning and execution and, if possible, in quality management also.

Raja describes himself as a family man who loves spending time with his wife and children.

That covers your career and community contributions. Now let's talk for a moment about what you do outside of work and the SAP Community. How do you like to spend your downtime? Any hobbies?

Me being a family man, I love to spend my downtime with my loving wife and adorable children, taking a look at their academics and ending my day playing with them.

My hobby is reading, so I spend my leisure time reading either an abstract related to business or books relating to my field of work, which is none other than SAP, SAP, SAP…

That was my last question, Raja, so let me take this opportunity to thank you for this chat -- and to congratulate you once more for your becoming a Member of the Month. We appreciate you sharing your knowledge with the community so frequently!