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No matter your political leanings, one cannot deny the excitement and anticipation of the upcoming election taking place on November 6th. Between debates and campaign stops, the candidates are busy telling their respective stories. Both are trying to make the case that they are better suited for leading America in the next four years. But what do the people really think of these candidates? What do the brands of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney reflect? Wouldn't it be great to explore the minds of millions of voters? Well, with SAP Social Media Analytics by Netbase, this is possible!   

Election Mood Meter

If you are curious about the moods of voters in real-time, look no further. Using Natural Language Processing, SAP Social Media Analytics by Netbase can tell you exactly how voters feel. Check out the Election Mood Meter and see how the candidates are fairing right now! This is just a taste of the capabilities that this solution holds. 

SAP Social Media Analytics by Netbase In Political Action

Let's actually use this powerful solution and do some analysis of our own... What does the general sentiment look like right now? (Click on images to get a closer look at the analytics)

That's quite a bit of sentiment... Wonder how the positive and negative emotions line up for the past 3 months.

Things are heating up with each debate... I wonder what the most common attributes are in the sentiment related to each candidate?

Some pretty interesting insight into what voters are saying about the candidates. Wonder what the demographics are? Maybe we can see where the most action is taking place on the web... Who is making the most noise and influencing other potential voters?

Social Media Analysis in Seconds

SAP Social Media Analytics by NetBase is an on-demand, subscription-based solution that can gauge net sentiment – the net result of analytics related to any topic mentioned on social media sites. The application's sophisticated, natural-language processing engine also extracts insights from postings of social media users. This solution indexes over 95 million posts to Facebook, Twitter, and blogs.  These are managed in the social intelligence warehouse where these insights are made available through the web based Insight Composer, and to custom applications that use the web services API. Pretty cool stuff if you ask me. Imagine what this solution could do for your business... Can you see your brands being analyzed just as the candidates were?