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Community Manager

While the wiki (click here) was not changed during the new SCN Launch, there are some important nuances I want to help clarify. For example the best time to add your content to the wiki, introduction of our new strategy for linking to the wiki,  and explanation of the changes made to wiki points allocation.

What content should be posted on the wiki?

The new SCN offers a large variety of ways to contribute content: Blog posts, Discussions, documents and more. These multiple options probably make you wonder when to contribute content through one of them  versus in the wiki. The wiki offers a lot of advanced navigation features that are aimed to address large quantities of topic related pages organized in categories, subcategories and sub-sub categories. Therefore for content that requires multiple layered hierarchies, or that will eventually need such structure the wiki is recommended. 

Example for content organization/navigation using the page tree macro in the wiki:

Linking to the wiki

In the past,  the wiki homepage was linked from the top site navigation. However, user testing showed that it confused members. Therefore in the new SCN we implemented a linking strategy to all wiki content, to align it with the new taxonomy of spaces and related content. This change will help you associate your content with existing SCN topics, and help members to find the wikis based on the topics.   It brings together all content under the appropriate topic regardless of whether it’s a wiki, blog, discussion or document. in the new SCN as well as in the related wiki space. Each topic space and sub-space will have links to its relevant wiki spaces on the left side navigation menu of the main overview page. For example please see the CRM space below:

If you can't find a link to your wiki in the related New SCN space/subspace please let me know.

Points allocation in the wiki

Before Launch of new SCN

After Launch of new SCN

Moderators grant discretionary points using the “Add Points” button. These points are allocated immediately.

Moderators grant discretionary points using the “Add Points” button. These points will be granted once a month.

Wiki page creators and editors receive all create/edit points once every quarter.

Wiki page creators and editors receive create / edit points immediately upon posting.

A user has the ability to request additional points using the “Request Points” button.

The “Request Points” will be removed. Users can request additional points via the comments on the relevant pages.

The wiki remains an  integral part of SCN, especially when structure and collaboration are needed.  Please reach out to me if you have additional questions or comments.

Also be sure to follow me to be updated on future upgrades/modifications.