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Community Manager
Dear all – the time has come to introduce our new Tour the SAP Community 2022 tutorial to you. This tutorial is not exclusively for new community members but for everyone to take!

Become part of the SAP Community to find, share, build, and learn.

Many of you have already completed the former version of the Tour the SAP Community tutorial. It is for everyone to get started in SAP Community, to know how to navigate through the community, and to engage with fellow community members.
As there is so much happening in SAP Community year in and year out, we wanted to not only update the current version of our tour through the community with our new features, but create a completely new one that incorporates all the latest and greatest, such as Groups, Events functionalities and Event badges, and so much more.

Going forward, we will continue to launch annual versions rather than updating our existing tutorial, as we want to ensure that everyone knows about the updates on new features and can show their commitment to the SAP Community.

In Tour the SAP Community 2022, you will learn on a 9-step path in only 25 minutes:

  • how to get started and navigate through the SAP Community

  • how to follow content, tags, and people

  • how to engage with your fellow SAP Community members

  • what’s new in 2022

The tutorial covers the different areas of the community, such as the Homepage, Topic Pages, Q&A, Blogs, Events, Reputation and Groups. This gives you a high-level overview about what is in there for you and how you can make the most out of it.

Not only will you read through the tutorial, but you'll also see some micro-learning material in form of short how-to videos, and you can also expect some challenging questions for you to prove how well you already know your community.

The completion of this tutorial has for sure its very own badge, which can be found on the Missions & Badges page:


And if you're interested in learning more about how to set up your profile, how to ask and answer questions and how to become a blogger, check out our other tutorials here.

Besides the new tutorial, we have also launched a new Group - the Welcome Corner. Join the Welcome Corner to learn about who SAP Community is and get invited to introduce yourself, make connections with like-minded community members, enjoy lively discussions, and more!

And now we are very excited about your feedback to the new tutorial. Let us know in the comments below how you like it and what you might have learned new about SAP Community.