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This community is all about sharing.  Sharing knowledge, sharing time.  Getting to know people and network.

New to the community or just confused

There is help out there already.   But it may be hard for you to find.  Or it might be nice to have someone to talk about a blog you are writing.  Some comment that was made.

So I've been thinking about Adopt a Newbie.  I thought what do I do?  Contact them directly?  No probably not.  A lot of people would not like that. So how can I do it?  Yes, I leave comments on blog posts.  Yes, I'm trying to answer some questions.  But what about those out there that have just started on the community or have been lurking for some time.

Invite to new people or people who have questions:

So this is an invitation.  If you would like some support on the community - asking questions, writing blogs, finding things, or whatever. P.ease feel free to direct message me.  I of course, can't help everyone.  So if you are feeling brave, comment.  There are many people who would help if they have the time.

So if you want me to help, please comment.  If you don't want to comment, feel free to direct message me I believe I have to have you as a connection.  So follow me - I'll follow you, and you can direct message.  Once I get to my limit. (I'm trying to decide what my limit is, I'll comment.)

Invite to those who can support new people:

Next invitation, would you support a newbie?  Leave a comment.  I'm  not asking you to support everyone.  Maybe it's only one for you.  That's fine.  But we have people out there that would eventually participate.   Or they are participating but still would like someone to chat with. Why not help them out?  Just leave another comment when you can't help anyone else directly.  If you are reading this, I bet you help indirectly.

Are you a lurker?  Would you help someone else learn what to look for and how to find things?  Leave a comment.

Of course, I've made up some rules.  And there may be some added in the comments.

What this isn't:

  • Your own person to ask technical or functional questions.  You may want to ask them how to do it on the community.  This is not replacing activity in the community.  We will tell you how to interact with the community.  Or maybe why your question/blog was rejected.  But don't just think your favorite technical person will be willing to answer questions all day long.  They won't.

  • Don't ask anyone who doesn't comment in this blog to help with your development for the community...   They may not have the time.  However, I don't mean you can't ask for help via Q&A.  Or comment on blogs - please do.

  • Asking for jobs.  I am not a part of the hiring process.  Nor does my company have any openings.  If someone comments as available - they don't want job questions either.

What this is:

  • Helping someone with the community.

  • Receiving help from someone in the community.

  • Helping someone phrase questions better.

  • Learning to phrase questions better.

  • Directing people to them to the right place.

  • Learning the right place to go.

  • Answer what you can - tell them what you don't know.

  • Be aware that one person most likely can not answer all your questions.

  • Creating a network of people that will expand over time.

  • Creating new friendships.

What you should do if you are asking for help:

  • Be respectful of others time.

  • Know that we may not answer for awhile.  We all have real projects at work.

What you should do if you volunteer to help:

  • No question is a bad question.  EXCEPT direct questions about technical/functional information.  At that point it is time to teach them how to ask on the community (Or how to search)

  • Expect your person to immediately start to participate.  It usually takes some time.

  • Know when you are too busy to answer and simply send an I'm too busy response.

  • Be aware you can send them to blogs, informational wikis... etc.  If it's already answered, then feel free to direct.  However, if they still don't know.  Answer them if you can.

  • If you can't then perhaps you know someone who could.  Or simply tell them you can't help with that question.

  • Feel free to make your own rules.  Just add them to your comment.

Too much?

Is this too much to ask of people?  I have no idea.  I just know I would be willing to help.  Is this an "official challenge".  Heck no, this is just me, Michelle, thinking about what I could do.  Then thinking about what others may be willing to do.

Yes, I know most of the information is out there.  But perhaps getting to it takes a bit of time.  Perhaps someone just needs some direct support.

Please comment if I've missed anything.  I'm 100% sure I have.  Don't forget to comment if you are willing to help.  Or if you need help.