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First of all I would like to congratulate the team which brought the New SCN alive. I’m one of the people who waited eagerly for the launch of the New SCN. In many cases, I’m totally impressed with the features that New SCN has brought. However, I strongly believe that our honest feedbacks can make SCN improve a lot more and become the best ever community network.

Recently I wrote a blog. I think I find blogging a bit unorganized than before. I wrote a blog in the older SCN and now one more on the new one, but when I go to my blog link available in the activities tab of my profile, it is showing no blog posts written, still my blogs are available on the spaces. When I click the manage link also I couldn’t find any of my blogs. I don’t understand this behavior. I think a blogger home with link in the home page would be a lot more useful for the bloggers. It should be easier to access our blog manager page.

Moreover points system where changed for blogging as well. The new system gives a basic ten points along with 2 for like and 2 or 5 for rating I think. Recently, I went on seeing the blogs on the ABAP Development space. Lots of blogs with really good information were available and I found lots of comments as well appreciating how much that particular blog was nice and informative to them. But I rarely found likes or ratings. Not even people who commented the article was great, didn’t take chance to give recognition to the author. I find this would decrease the interest of blog authors to write more informative blogs in future. Moderator awarded point system for blogging in the old SCN seems more satisfactory. However, I like the new system as well, but I don’t know why people failed to give recognitions to those blogs. Hope you will have more insights regarding this than me and you will come up with a good solution.

I feel that bookmarks should be given some points too, as people would bookmark an article only if they find it’s useful to them in future. This seems to have more importance than like I suppose.

As a blog writer, these are my views of blogging in New SCN. Hope the SCN people would find it a good and honest feedback.

- Fareez Ahamed

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