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***This mission has ended***

SAP Community Beta is now open to all the community members! We strongly encourage you to explore all the features and functionalities of the new platform, and request that you report any bugs or issues. To learn how to submit feedback, read SCN Beta Feedback Process.

To encourage testing in SAP Community Beta, the SCN Gamification Core team is happy to announce a new mission. You can earn the badge shown here and gain 5 points.

Complete Sequentially:

  1. Read and bookmark this blog
  2. Explore SAP Community Beta
  3. Complete any of the SAP Community Beta Missions
  4. Take screenshot from your Beta Universal Profile or Notifications AFTER the badges from your completed SAP Community Beta Missions are visible
  5. Share your experiences and submit your screenshot as comments here (please post at the end) - only valuable contributions count!
  6. If you find any bugs or issues, report them by starting a discussion in the SCN Open Beta space

Screenshot Instructions:

Please note: There may be a delay before the Beta Mission badges show up on your Universal Profile once you complete a Beta mission. Please be patient with the beta site. Also, kindly allow a few days for the SAP Community Beta Tester badge to show up on your current SCN profile as this is not be an automatic mission.

More Information: To learn more about the exciting changes that the SCN Reputation Program is going through as we transition into the new community, read Caroleigh Deneen's Reputation Program Reloaded and A Glimpse Ahead: New Community, New Missions.

Video Instructions: Tip in a Minute: How to Earn the SAP Community Beta Tester Badge

Happy Testing!

SCN Gamification Core Team