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SAP is ruling majority of the enterprise platform around the world.

SAP  of ERP !

Each year you people are increasing your growth twice, when compared to the growth you made in previous one. By working in SAP-free manufacturing company, I understood the performance difference between SAP and non-SAP companies. SAP governs all  functions in a company by it different modules, in which every process is handles with its unique function module in a perfect way without creating any interruption in the company's process and its system.

The learning about SAP's part in helping an industry to perform faster has created a spark in me to put myself in such a platform.

I have changed my career direction in SAP.

I choose to get trained in SAP ABAP, since I believed that learning a Technical Module could help me to understand and develop programs for different Functional Modules. While keeping on looking about SAP and its development, I found it is very deep like Mariana Trench.

I just had a surface level of learning about ABAP/4, with several online courses, blogs and contents all over the internet, which helped me to see a few videos about TechEd events and its promos of 2018 presented by Mr. Craig Cmehil. I was so interested to participate in the event to make a deep level of learning about SAP and its various technologies.

Here, I have attached a video explaining about how I got my interest in learning SAP and why I want to attend this TechEd Event 2018.


Now, I am eagerly waiting for an ideal opportunity like this, to avail a participation through this offer.

Hoping for the best.