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As the SCN has changed (again) and had passed forum to spaces and spaces to tags, I see that quite lacking so there is a map of tags to track, more than 2100 tags available (so far), and if you are curious about the amount, I ask you to download the Excel file that SAP has made available here

I opened a question here: "Tags, where are they?"

As you can see my criticism of the current system, and the "map" is needed, although the amount map tag that has deployed SAP seems to be a madness.

So I'll use this post to manage the tags that I find interesting to follow, or if my activity section collapse (although currently it is very quiet because no part of the new SCN, are all scared reading or are lost by the new designs ... nobody knows where it is written, if answered or discussed, etc.).

Having made the introduction, go to the links of the tags.

Map for discussion's Tags

I think this is the basic tags for "normal" people could follow.
If I found more tags, I'll edit this post.