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My Journey on SAP Community!

Had already registered on SAP Community in the year 2015 but not activated. In the last year, month of September 2022 have activated on SAP Community and start to write SAP Blog and started to solve problems raised by community members.

During seven months period have achieved/earned various batches on SAP Community including "Grand Master Solver" which is TOP Batch of under "Q&A Mission". During this period have learnt more about SAP by following SAP Champions and Influencers and feel that why only in September 2022 I activated on SAP Community not since the date of registration? But when you wake up there is a light!

If anyone wish to make and grow career in SAP then my personal feeling is that you must registered on SAP Community and start to follow SAP Champions, Influencers, favourite tags, group etc. and start to understand the questions which are receiving from Globe and you will learn different processes/scenario which are using by business globally. If you understand the questions and you think you have a solution then post your answer for that question, by these activities surely your knowledge will be enhanced to grow and earn in SAP Career and boost your Moral.

Thanks to svea.becker l_stodal , moshe.naveh2 and mynyna.chau to make me "Featured Contributor" on various topics of #SAP. Also thanks to Product Expert of SAP who helped to accept my answers whenever questionnaire not responded after certain period.

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Please follow neeraj.jain16 for more content on issues & topics related to SAP Sales & Distribution and Material Management.

Thanks for your interest! Please share feedback, comments, or suggestions below.

Best Regards,

Neeraj Jain

SAP Technical Manager in HCL Technologies Limited