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Our moderator spotlight series continues, this time I spoke with SAP HCM Forum Moderator Theja Cherukuru (Sikindar), a community member since 2007. Read more to learn about him.


My name is Theja Cherukuru (Sikindar). Sikindar is my pen name, the meaning is the conqueror. It was the name given to Alexander the Great by the Indians.


Please share with us a bit about yourself: I have 4+ years of experience in SAP HCM module, currently working for CAP GEMINI CONSULTING PVT LIMITED Bangalore. I came to know about the SDN through one of my faculty.  I had a good time at the begging of my career when I met fellow Members of SDN in order to solve the issue or queries which I had.

I am an active member in Economic Forums too and am currently doing my PhD in Economics. My hobby is reading Articles related to economics. I used to collect articles related to Economics and write blogs based on those readings.


When did you join the Moderator Community and how? I was nominated as a moderator in Feb 2010, and I was referred by Julius Bussche.


Can you share what your moderator role entails? How often are you active? My role in the forum as moderator is to keep the forum quality, to look into the point gamers and make sure the forum threads are as per the rules of SCN.

I used to moderate the forum daily up to my marriage, after my marriage I moderate on week days with weekends off. 


What motivates you? The main motivation is sharing and learning.


What do you enjoy the most about moderating in your field?  Meeting the requirement of the users will be most enjoyable movement, most the users will be new ops who have lot of doubts regarding the SDN activities.


How do you get to know newbies?  Through mails, usually they reach out to me.


Are you in touch with other moderators and if so how?  Yes, I am in touch with some other moderators like Julius, Matt, David. Mostly through mails and also in the forums if it is related to moderation.


How do your managers see your involvement in SCN?  My manager knows about my involvement in SCN and always encourages it.


What is your favorite topic in SCN (besides yours) and why?  My other area would be Blogs, where I can learn and have more knowledge on the other things related to my module.


How has the SCN community helped you?  Yes, it has helped me a lot in fetching the knowledge and also interacting with other fellow consultants


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