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Community Administrator
In November, Audrey Stevenson published a blog post explaining that the launch of the new mission set was on hold and why. Missions continue to be on hold, but since a few months have gone by since then, a check-in seems appropriate.

jerry.janda has been updating you on the new community features and bug fixes with his release posts. While we are making progress, we still believe our team’s focus should be on delivering the improvements that you’re still waiting for and fixing the user experience issues, rather than rolling out the mission set.

I want to reiterate that we, on the Community Experience team, remain committed to launching the missions – you should consider this a timeout, not a game over. We have been, and will continue auditing community sentiment as it relates to gamification. Presently, signals from community posts and feedback from our valued pool of moderators and Reputation Advisory Group members seem consistent -- that the timeout for missions should continue.

We invite you to share your opinions here and check in as you start to see signs that play should resume.