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If you cannot wait to try out some of SAP Community BETA’s Gamification Missions then you are in the right place!

Similar to our previous List of SCN Missions, the BETA missions will earn you badges for your SAP Universal Profile. However, unlike the previous missions on SCN, the new missions will not earn points. After completing the missions, kindly be patient in allowing 5-10 minutes for the mission badges to show up on your profile.

This document lists all the SAP Community BETA Missions available. The purpose of these missions is to test functionalities and get you acclimated to the new platform for SAP Community. Please take some time to explore the many options and features as you delve into the following mission requirements. You can read SCN Beta Feedback Process to learn how to report a bug or an issue while you test in the Beta system. To facilitate this transition, we are providing the exact steps you will need to take to earn these missions!

Note: These missions are active on SAP Community Beta and NOT the current SAP Community Network. Please also note that all beta mission data will be deleted before go-live.

First StepsYou took your first steps on SAP Community BETA! Keep engaging and providing feedback on the content you read1 x Follow Blog
On A RollYou are getting the hang of SAP Community BETA. Your recent engagement is gathering momentum!1 x Comment on Blog
1 x Answer Question
2 x Follow Member
Almost FamousYour opinion matters! Keep engaging with more valuable feedback to get your name out in the Community1 x Up-vote Answer
2 x Comment on Blog
3 x Like Blog
PostmanYou are not shy with your inquiries! Post original questions and share informative posts for others to see1 x Post Question
1 x Publish Blog
Rising StarYou have the potential to go far on SAP Community! Keep publishing original content for your inquiries and opinions10 x Post Question
10 x Publish Blog

If you want to learn more about the upcoming and undergoing changes in our Gamification and Reputation program, then read caroleigh.deneen blog A Glimpse Ahead: New Community, New Missions. You can also learn more about the wider 1DX changes at the Communication Overview for #1DXCOMMDEST.