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Community Manager
Welcome to February, the shortest month of the year, except during leap years, when they add a day and...

Oh, wait. February is still the shortest month during leap years.

Sorry for the harsh language, but gosh darn it, that annoys me. I tell ya, if I controlled the calendar, I would declare, "Henceforth, February should be just long as any other month! But I am not unreasonable! It shall be thirty days, not thirty-one!"

And my calendar underlings would whisper humbly, "But, sire, this decision risks chaos for the realm." (I forgot to mention that I'm also a king in this scenario.)

In response, I would send a couple of the underlings off to the dungeon for daring to question me (a king's gotta king, after all), then proclaim, "It doesn't matter! All that matters is that the SAP Community Member of the Month for February receives the same number of days of recognition as every other Member of the Month throughout the rest of the year!"

Wouldn't that be great?

Sure, over time, people's birthdays would no longer reflect their actual ages and it would be snowing in August. (I mean, I'm assuming. I'm a king. I don't have time to do the math.) But at least I could reign knowing that I brought true parity to Member of the Month.

Speaking of which, by royal decree, I welcome lingaiahvanam to the Hall of Fame, as he is February's Member of the Month. Why? Because while I can pretend to be a monarch, when it comes to SAP Community contributions, Lingaiah truly rules.

Don't believe me? Check out his profile. He's a blogger who has also answered hundreds of questions -- with a nearly 50% acceptance rate.

Anyone who has been part of the "posters don't close questions/accept answers" conversations knows why that percentage is significant.

Now let's see if he's willing to accept my questions...

Congrats, Lingaiah!

I was really surprised seeing your message. I am glad to be an SAP Community Member of the Month.


Congratulations to Lingaiah Vanam (seen here in Wroclaw, Poland, for a go-live project)


Your bio shows quite a few areas of expertise, and it looks like you've contributed to several tags. I'd love to know more about your career...how you gained your skills, where you currently work, and so on.

I hold a master's degree in biotechnology from Periyar University, Tamil Nadu, India. After that, I started my career with SAP as a consultant. Being a science student working in the software industry is quite interesting for me.

I was keen to learn new things and enrich my career apart from my work hours daily -- spending time to practice SAP processes Order to Cash, Procure to Pay, Plan to Produce. Within thre years, I almost understand the end-to-end processes. Based on that, I jumped into the supply chain management area Advanced Planning and Optimization (APO) and gained a good amount of experience. During the last three years, I started learning and working with new game-changing technologies like Integrated Business Planning (IBP) and S/4HANA (digital core) which gave me more comfort to continue with new technologies and serve customers better.

I will spend time on openSAP online courses on a weekly basis to learn the latest technologies and innovations from SAP. I earned more than sixty-five record of achievements in different SAP applications. I am currently working with YASH Technologies.

Where are you based? Are you from there originally?

I am from Hyderabad, India. My home town Mallaram is a village in Mudigonda Mandal in Khammam district of Telangana state, India.

When did you join the SAP Community and what prompted you to join?

I joined SAP community in 2012. I choose SAP community to help others by sharing knowledge and learn myself.

Well, considering your participation, we're really glad to have you. Speaking of which, as I noted in the introduction, you've answered hundreds of questions. How do you manage to make the time to contribute? Do you have some sort of daily ritual or is it a bit more sporadic than that?

From my interest in acquiring new skills, I will spend daily one to two hours on SAP community searching for enhancing my skills and to share knowledge with others.

Whenever I speak to active members, I ask them when and how they started participating. Was there any particular reason you decided to answer your first question? Any first-time nerves? What has kept you going?

To be honest I didn’t remember the first question that I had answered. I am pretty sure that I am never nervous while answering the questions.

You've done blogging too -- fifteen posts altogether. What inspires you to write?

While answering some questions it is difficult to provide complete information about the topic, so I started publishing blogs in LinkedIn and SAP Community to provide more insights into new technologies and topics.

Not to put you on the spot, but any more blogging plans?

Yes, I will continue to publish blogs!


Lingaiah loves spending time with his daughter (picture taken at her first birthday)


One last question -- a fun one I've saved for the end. What do you like to do outside of work? Any hobbies or favorite activities?

Apart from enriching my skills, I love spending time with my daughter, who is two-and-a-half years old.

Thanks so much for talking to me, Lingaiah -- and, once again, congratulations on being Member of the Month for February. As I said in the beginning, I just wish the month were longer, because you deserve many days of recognition for all that you do!