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I am not sure if I would call it a talent, but I have been a passionate vlogger for some time.

I have originally started with pictures of nature on instagram , which I took on my endless hikes. I love time spent in nature very much. In 2018 I was contacted by a startup called firework to make some videos for them based on my travelling passion.It was at the same time as I stared at SAP so it connects for me together. I started my profile there and got quite successful over time, doing especially homeprocessed videos, which was quite demanding on my free time. Unfortuantely as their focus shifted to other regions, my vlogger career went downhill.

Nonetheless, I still keep going on, currently my main platform is Rizzle. This one focuses more on vlogging content so I changed my approach once more and I believe that people like my videos. You can find my best vlogs there. Unfortunately it is not really possible to earn any money with making short videos in Czech Republic, not even on Tik Tok, but I am putting my hopes into Youtube Shorts. However, I am not sure so far how to get any views there 🙂

If you enjoy travelling, hikes, nature or Central Europe then feel free to enjoy some of my trips and you are more than welcome to try them on your own!