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Former Member

I started my career with SAP on my actual birthday back in 2011. To say the learning curve was steep and long, would be a monumental understatement.

My first position was on the Inbound Marketing Team, where I would answer the phone and talk to potential SAP customers about the solutions we offered. Problem was, it could be any of the over 1000 solutions that we have. There was no way to learn everything related to all those solutions, so I was a bit panicked, and overwhelmed.

On one phone call (I believe I was being asked about GRC for the first time) one of my colleagues noticed I was looking a bit flustered as I struggled to find relevant information for the caller. After I had wrapped up my call, he came over to me and showed me this magic web site called the SDN. Well, the sky opened up, the sun beamed down, and I think I heard some birds sing as well. One place where I could find most of the answers for most of the solutions we offer.

Since those trying first years here at SAP, I have moved on to a Product Specialist role supporting SAP Lumira, where I have started to really see the value of the now called SCN, as an indispensable tool. Being able to keep in touch with other people such as developers, and SAP Mentors, has allowed me to successfully help our customers attain the information they need to use SAP solutions in their organizations. It has also helped give me a voice I never knew I had through blogging. I actually find I enjoy it quite a bit, which given my poor typing skills, and tendencies for misspelling words, is a little surprising (Thank you spell check).

Had the SCN not been available to me, I really don't know if I would still be at SAP, I probably would be locked in a rubber room ranting something about Sybase.

So, thank you SCN, you have made the world of SAP make a little more sense. Happy Birthday!