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Community Manager

When I launched Blog It Forward in August 2012, I didn't imagine what impact it would have on SCN. For those of you who are not familiar with it, it's a community challenge that passes from one community member to another, encouraging them to share fun and interesting facts about themselves.

Blog It Forward had an incredible impact on SCN. It enabled us to get to know each other beyond our SAP interests. We learned about the things that are most important in life: What makes us happy, the people we love, things we enjoy and more. It was also a great opportunity to travel around the world via stories, pictures, culinary recommendations and other interesting facts about different cultures.

As we prepare to launch the next level of community in 2016 it's time to close the Blog it Forward mission. However we want to give you one last opportunity to be a part of this program and earn your BIF badge. If you are interested in joining Blog It Forward please be sure to do so by 25th of December. On December 26th we will close the Blog It Forward initiative and I will compile a Blog It Forward farewell/summary blog. It will include statistics, the story behind it, glimpse at significant BIFs (Blog It Forward blogs) and more. Stay tuned!

Until then here are some of the statistics I've gathered so far:

To BIF or not BIF, that is the question :smile: .