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Community Manager
Our Member of the Month for April is someone who has spent nearly a decade establishing himself as a trusted expert within SAP Community: jun.wu5.

With more than 170 followers and more than 330 answers (and counting!) since launch, Jun Wu is a valuable source of information for many community members.

While Jun Wu's knowledge is on display daily in SAP Community, now is the time to gain some knowledge about the man himself.

Before we get to the questions, let me be the first to congratulate you, Jun Wu, for being Member of the Month for April!

Thanks, Jerry, and thanks for the recognition by the community. It really makes my day.

You deserve the recognition, and as part of the recognition, I would like to learn more about you -- so that the community gets to know you better too. Your profile page doesn't have many details, so I'll start with some basic stuff. What type of work do you do? 

I started my SAP career as a solution developer when I joined SAP Labs China in 2005. The days with Labs laid a very solid technical foundation for my career. After more than 2 years with Labs, I decided to change my career to SAP consulting. I worked with companies like HP and IBM. I got the opportunity to work in many different countries -- Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Canada -- and took a role as portal consultant, development lead and BPM solution architect. My family moved to the U.S. a few years back. For now, I am working on a Bank of America project in Charlotte, North Carolina. It is BOA’s first Fiori project: BW on HANA environment. I am leading the UI5 and Gateway topic.

Jun Wu's starting point for his career -- getting a "solid technical foundation"

Your profile doesn't list out your areas of expertise either, but based on the SAP Community questions that you answer, I'm guessing that you focus on UI5. Is that accurate? What do you consider yourself an expert in?

Yes, you are right. For now, I am focusing on SAP HANA, Gateway, and Fiori. Apart from those, I have expertise in Web Dynpro Java, Portal, MDM, NWDI, and BPM/BRM.

How did you get involved in those areas? How did you learn so much about those topics?

It is all project- and work-driven. I was lucky to join some amazing SAP implementation projects. Thanks to those customers who put trust in me and gave me the flexibility to learn and use the new techniques.

In one of the projects we started to use BPM, which was initially introduced in CE 7.11 in 2009. In 2010, a more mature and powerful version was released, and we convinced the customer to upgrade to benefit from the new features. We successfully implemented the custom solution for supplier master data management and rolled out globally.

One way to get a touch to those emerging technologies is to attend SAP TechEd. That is how you get yourself prepared for the future. For me the most efficient way to learn a new technology is doing a real project -- my brain seems to work the best under that circumstance. If you need any resource and support, SAP Community is the place to go. SAP and other professionals provide anything you need from Hello World tutorials to best practices. You just have to use the search wisely.

When I introduced you, I mentioned that you have answered more than 330 questions. And that's just since the new platform launched on October 10, 2016! If you were to guess how many questions you've answered since becoming a community member in 2007, what do you think the number would be?

I had scored over 8,700 in SCN and 685 in the new community by answering questions only, so doing simple math, I believe I probably answered more than 930 questions.

Since I brought up the topic of the new platform, I'm curious to know your opinions about it. If you joined the community in 2007, that means you've probably seen it all here -- from the transition of SDN to SCN, and the more recent transition from SCN to SAP Community. So -- and please be honest -- what do you think of the new platform? 

Like many others, I really miss the old SCN. I am more used to the forum-based access. Now all seem to be driven by the tag.

One function I used a lot in SCN is the bookmark. Whenever I saw something interesting and useful, I could bookmark it and revisit it later. I forgot to export all my bookmarks from SCN and lost everything. I didn’t find a way to do the same in the new community.

One thing that is a bit abnormal to me in the new community is each reply to the question is considered as an answer unless you specifically choose to comment.

OK, back to the questions about...um...answers. When we look at your community input, we're talking about hundreds of answers. Out of curiosity, do you remember the very first question you answered?

Oops…I can't remember the detail. I bet it would be a Web Dynpro Java question.

I know I am spending a lot of time on your contributions to questions and answers, but that's because I am so impressed. Since you seem to answer questions almost every day, what is your daily routine like? How do you incorporate SAP Community activity into your normal work?

Someone starts the day with coffee, some with email checking. For me, it is to open UI5 community and try to find some question to crack. Once it becomes habit, it is hard to change.

I feel nourished by visiting SAP Community. You will gain a lot of experience shared by the community. All the lessons -- the good and bad learned -- from the community will help me to perform in my project.

Ever think about sharing your knowledge through blog posts too?

Planned many times, somehow failed to put into execution…but I promise my first blog is coming.

Jun Wu enjoys spending time with his 7-year-old daughter at a nearby lake

Let's step away from the SAP Community for the final question. When you're not working, how do you like to spend your time? Any hobbies or outside activities you really love?

I travel a lot for the work, so I save the weekend for my family whenever possible. I have a 7-year-old daughter. We usually go to the zoo, museum, and park on weekend and sometimes attend a kid's birthday party.

One thing we started recently is fishing. We live by the lake and I have a fishing boat. It is very convenient for us to start boating and fishing.

I also enjoy food, especially cooked on my own. Trying some new dish or baking with new formula is also an activity we do often at the weekend.

After moving to the U.S., I also started to follow the DIY style. I enjoy doing handyman work.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to me, Jun Wu. And thanks for dedicating so much of your time to the SAP Community. I -- and I know dozens of members -- really appreciate it!