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Active Contributor
Is it just me or does this community feel as barren as the Mars landscape?

I see the same few names over and over.   In my "tag" I've had 8 real questions since this place was opened.

I also feel like the whole "community" thing is being lost. I'm not seeing new people.   It's not very easy to see new blogs or browse a community. If I simply browse blogs right now I get so much white space and only ten blogs per "More". It's excruciating to have to page down through these things. There are no "Most active Blogs".   If I click on a blog and forget to right click and open in a new tab, I have to start all over again from the beginning. You do know that most people are used to clicking on a link, not right clicking right?

I can't see who has liked a blog. I can't even see who has liked my posts!

I totally feel disjointed from this platform and I feel very little sense of community.