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Community Manager
If you are like many community members with knowledge and expertise in a topic, you look forward to answering questions in our Q&A section. You like to share your expertise and help others in the process. And you know that you’ve provided value when another member accepts your answer or upvotes it.

The SAP Community recognizes your efforts and contribution with a series of missions that we provide for those who answer questions: the Solver series (Solver, Avid Solver, Skillful Solver, Master Solver, and Grand Master Solver). This is one of the cornerstones of our reputation program and helps identify the experts in our community.

Today, we are introducing a new mission for solvers that will increase the visibility of our top contributors in Q&A: the Diligent Solver mission.

Diligent Solver is a monthly mission, meaning today we are introducing Diligent Solver August 2019, and next month there will be Diligent Solver September 2019, and so on. Each monthly mission will begin on the first day of the month and end on the last day of that month, so the August mission will start on August 1 and end on August 31.

How do you earn this mission? Answer 20 questions during the month and have a combined total of 25 answers up-voted or accepted as correct.

Yes, we know we’re setting the bar high. But we also know that the top experts among you are up to the challenge! And besides; if you don’t manage to achieve this mission and earn this badge the first time you go for it, you get another chance the next month, and the next, and so on.

One thing to note: you will not start earning the Diligent Solver mission until it appears on the Available Missions tab in the #missions. To make sure the mission is added to your available missions, you need to take a qualifying action in the community sometime after the mission launches (in other words, on the first of the month or later). Some qualifying actions include:

  • Post an answer

  • Accept an answer

  • Vote any question or answer up or down

So set yourself a reminder to participate at the beginning of the month (heck, set a recurring reminder to participate at the beginning of every month!), and become eligible to take part in this monthly challenge. Maybe along the way, you’ll earn the Hitchhiker badge too!

Now: who will be the first to become a monthly top solver in the SAP Community and earn the Diligent Solver August 2019 badge? I look forward to including you in my #content:blogposts!