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When you read this, you have noticed that the old SCN with all its comforts is no more. A new platform has been taken into use. "SCN is dead, long live SCN" I read somewhere.

The new platform is really just that, a platform. It is not yet fully developed, and SAP is working hard on making it usable for as large a user base as possible. To this purpose they (must) have kept many a meeting, drawn up a plethora of plans, and deliberated what it is that we the users want and need from it.

Well, good.
Yes, however, how do they know what we the users want and need from the platform? We were not consulted, and as is the problem with most engineering, the people designing it are usually not the people using it, and to use a German proverb:
One fool can ask more questions than seven wise men can answer.

Indeed, good news is, SAP has established another platform for us to tell them what we want, the site formerly known as SAP Idea Place. A place with sections for each of our favorite SAP products, and also for example the new SCN, where we the users can weigh in on the development of them.

Great, so what is this all about?
Well, the problem with the Idea Place is, that very few people are aware of its existence. With that I mean that there are hundreds of thousands of users active on SCN, but only a handful on most sections in the Idea Place. A quick glance will tell you that most are SAP employees and in the case of the SCN, moderators.

So the future of the new SCN is currently being influenced mostly by the people who designed it, with preconceived ideas, and people who probably have different interests than the average none-SAP-employee, run-of-the-mill user, be they active or not so much.

Okay, but what do you want from me?
Glad we are getting onto the same page here. What I am hoping that you will invest a couple of minutes of your valuable time in, is visiting the Idea Place for the new SCN, and voting for ideas that you find in sync with your own.

Sounds good, but now I want more
Obviously, if you feel that some good idea of yours has not been mentioned, please by all means, post it. It is the best way to bring your opinions and wishes to the attention of SAP. Please do make sure though that your idea was not already posted by someone else, and that your idea is not actually a bug instead of missing functionality.
Also please take a look first at the BETA feedback to see that an idea isn't already in the pipeline.


Without further ado, please visit the Idea Place for the new SCN, and vote!