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This time I will try to explain and show you what happens when you click this Report Abuse hyperlink...after you found it

Where to find it?

This Report Abuse hyperlink is rather lively and not always found at the same place.

To report an abuse for a question you have search for it in the Action box on the right to the question:

In case of a reply you can find in the south left of the Like.

While it just jumps to the right if you look at a comment to a blog:

And Hokuspokus, it vanishes completely if you look at a discussion or reply of yourself, because a self-abuse is not permitted:

What does an Abuse reporter see?

Bad content probably, why else should he search for the hyperlink.

Approach this hyperlink carefully, but don't be chickenhearted, it does not bite and will not run away.

After you gathered all your courage and hit it with the mouse then a pop-up will appear and ask you a magic question:

What is the primary reason you are reporting this message as abusive?

The good news is that you can think about it forever, there is no countdown urging you to answer.

Even it is possible to only select from the drop down list and continue with submitting it by clicking the button Report Abuse (do you see it? it is again hidden here behind the drop down list), it is appreciated to a have a short (max 255 characters) written reason. E.g. a link to the original in case of copyright infringement, a link to the second discussion in case of Cross posting.

In case you lost all your courage now, you can leave by clicking the Cancel button.

What does the moderator see?

This is actually different from moderator to moderator.

As we are all humans I can imagine that there is one who just sees a "hell of work"

While others see the community engaging to keep their house clean.

Technically we see it like here in the example.

We see the chosen and the written reason, and can even dig into the original content.

We see who has reported the abuse against whom.

Further we have 3 options to get confused or confuse others.

Approve - means actually reject the Abuse report - approve the content

Reject -  means approve the Abuse report - hide the content

blank - means leave the Abuse report in the queue for another moderator :razz:

What does the Abuser see?

You remember about this lively thing? Hidden, hidden.

The Abuser does not see that his content got reported abusive until the moderator took some action.

The Abuser does not see who has clicked the hyperlink, you are save.

If the report was rejected (the content approved) then he will not even know that there was a report at all.

If the report was approved - then he does not see his content anymore.

He will see an email that his content got rejected - sometimes even with a comment why.

I am sorry, but I do not have a screenshot. I remember that I approved  1 abuse report against my content, but I cannot find it.

What does the Abuse Reporter see?

This can I show you, here I have good experience.

You will see a small number next to Actions on top right of the forum. Click here, then go to Notifications tab:

In the example below you can see 2 approved abuse reports and 1 rejected. The first one has a reason added from the moderator.

A similar message is sent to your email account, here is then the abusive content included.

What else?

We do not have badges for serial abuser yet:

But this one is my proposal:

We don't have any badges for the reporters yet:

What is your opinion about these?: