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Sometimes it takes a village.

Or as my friend and colleague Gali Kling Schneider says about our team: "We DO listen" (and I would add "to the voices of our villagers".)

Our villagers here on SCN drive quite a number of things: quality, improvements, topics that matter to them, topics they would like to know more about... (and they sometimes drive off unwanted stuff and unwanted stuff generators as well).

But as I love to focus on the positive mostly, I'm sure it's really gratifying when you have a "good idea" and find that it is indeed listened to and adopted and implemented. Now there is a central wiki place for you to check and see when those ideas are implemented (in case you were wondering).

A few weeks ago I was trying to post this announcement to you all that exposed a new wiki page meant to honor the promise to inform you, our users, about suggestions that were turned into enhancements and were being implemented and released.

Now we all know that when development is involved or iterative improvement cycles are in set in motion, it can take a bit of time to actually see a suggestion get translated into a functionality.

So it was to be with great pleasure that I announced to you all a few weeks back: the "Implemented Enhancements Wiki" page.

Only one small problem: when I went to find the place where this request was made to have a consolidated Wiki page for such announcements, I couldn't find the original thread where we discussed this in the forum.

Thankfully the friendly villagers did remember: (thanks Re: Resurrecting Dead POsts quoting Suggestions for forum improvements )

If the feedback from the community is truly important, I'd say that there should be a public system for posting bugs/feature requests on which people could vote. This should be prominently placed in the forums and would allow easier feedback. The voting feature could be used to possibly limit the bugs/requested features to look at (e.g. top ten list) and then be classified by SAP based on implementation effort (with the usual disclaimer that no feature might ever be implemented just because it's wanted). Needless to say that it should be easy to search for already existing requests, but in general I'd assume that fairly soon there would be more voting (on top requests) than posting new ones...


So we created a SCN suggestion space on Idea Place, voted up ideas and now we expose the ones implemented here in the Implemented Enhancements on SCN wiki page.

While we still have a way to go to making these new features more prominent, you can see them "announced" on the wiki page and hopefully some of you will recognize those generated by you, the community.

Thanks to the village!