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The beautiful thing about this Community is the conglomeration of different industries, experiences, job roles, and knowledge that is represented here.  We see hundreds of new blog posts and questions (and answers) posted every day that displays the wonderful diversity of our members.

That said, I know that with the roll out of the new platform, it's been challenging for many folks to find their footing and understand how to utilize these new tools with the most efficiency and effectiveness.  And, as the blog platform owner, I often find myself in the undesirable position of explaining to content owners why their beautifully created and much needed content doesn't belong in the blogs platform.

Let me impart a few words on the "why" of maintaining a strict standard of content in the blogs platform.  The value of the Community is the ability of this diverse group of experts (and newbies) to connect around the challenge and excitement of working with SAP solutions.  It is the ability of each member to make new connections in their field and to grow the value of their own network as they subsequently also grow the dominence of SAP in the industry.  The value to the business of SAP is exactly this: the more people talking about SAP solutions, the more people sharing their knowledge and becoming knowledgeable about SAP solutions, and the more people implementing SAP solutions (and encouraging THEIR customers to implement SAP solutions), the stronger the company will be.  This is why we do not allow push marketing content in the Community.  This is a firm standard and we, the SAP Community Experience team, are fully committed to it.

In the table below, I want to help guide content to the right places and to help you find other content throughout SAP.com.  Here are some examples of the types of content you can expect to find (and not to find) around the SAP Community and SAP.com at large:

Content Type Where you should share it & Where you can find it
Personal narrative SAP Community Blogs
Question SAP Community Q&A
Collection or list of links SCN Wiki
Release notes & product documentation SCN Wiki (SAP Help Portal for official SAP product information)
Technical information, such as specs or coding guidance SAP Community Blogs (if following the Guidelines), otherwise, SCN Wiki (SAP Help Portal or SAP Notes for official SAP  technical information)
Official SAP product support information SAP Support Portal
SAP solution marketing, including newsletters, and other official SAP PR content SAP.com Solutions or SAP News
Announcements, including upcoming events or event recaps Blogs, if written according to the guidelines of personal narrative
Virtual SAP Events SAP Online Events
Old SCN Discussions SAP Community Archive (read-only)
"Off topic" discussions SAP Community Coffee Corner
Third party consulting services marketing Does not belong on SAP.com*
Non-SAP product marketing Does not belong on SAP.com*

*Please reference the SAP Community Rules of Engagement if you are unsure if your content is appropriate for the Community.

Now that you've reviewed this table, you might be thinking "Hey, I have a content type that isn't represented in this table!"  We are already in the process of exploring other opportunities to empower you to share content that might not have a great option for sharing right now.  If you'd like to contribute to that process, please share your ideas in the comments below.

If you find content, such as blogs, throughout the new Community platform that you believe do not follow the guidelines we've established, please help us to maintain the integrity of the Community by clicking the Alert Moderator link in the questionable content.  We will review the content to ensure that it makes it to its proper home.

Thank you for your time and commitment to the success of our new online home.  Cheers & Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow U.S. colleagues!

Jamie Cantrell
Blog Platform Lead
SAP Community Experience