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Former Member

It is quite exciting for me to write my first blog in the SCN and that too for a blog competition. And the great news is that SDN is now in its 10th
anniversary and is now SCN. Though I am late for the competition, I am inspired to pen down few words about SCN. I joined SCN later part of the year 2011 and my career in SAP started the same time. I am about to complete a couple of years following SCN and in SAP too. Right from my joining SCN has been so helpful in terms of learning and solution finding.


As a starter, SCN has been my online tutor and it guided all the way during my initial project and in support time. Searching SCN will give solution to any kind of problem in the business scenarios. If finding difficulty in getting the solution, I reach SCN and post my question. There are many contributors who
constantly monitor the questions and suggest suitable solution to my issue. I do remember the names of the major contributors in SAP MM forum whom I feel, are the mentors in SAP MM especially would like to name Jurgen L.


Of late, I too started contributing to the queries and feel so happy when my solution worked and has been rewarded. It is not just the reward points which makes me to contribute to the queries but sharing the knowledge which I learnt during past couple of years, makes me so confident in replying. It is just giving back what I took from SCN. I am always excited to go through the forum and learn new things and equally excited when I share what I learnt. I would like to continue blogging whenever time permits. Thanks for your time in reading my blog.

I wish SCN all the very best and to be with us all the way in our SAP career....