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Former Member

At first, when the gamification of the SAP Community Network was started, I was not really amused by this, because it meant that I could not do what I normally did anymore; my blog was in accessable, I could not answer questons on my own blog and the moderation on the discussions took sometimes days making my posts sometimes out of date by the time they where allowed by the moderators.

So I went to get the points needed to do what I wanted to do, and in this process I found that it is sometimes not easy to do the tasks that get you points and batches - especially when you already did what you have to do before the gamification started.

By example; to earn the batch Ready (Set Go), you have to add an avatar to your profile - but I already had one ....

To earn the batch when you already have an avatar, you have to remove the existing avatar, save your profile and then add the avatar again.

And now I am trying to earn the I Blogged batch - I already have a blog but posting there does not earn me anything - so I guess that I have to create a completely new blog to earn the points. Lets see if this post will do the trick - I will add an edit soon to tell you if it did.


The creation of a blogposts in a completely new blob did the trick - I did now earn the batch and got an extra 10 points for creating a blog.

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