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One of the first things we asked you to do (and this is communicated in Chip Rodgers' blog about the top 10 things users should do when the new SCN launches) is to move your blogs from your personal space to the topic space that is most relevant. This would ensure that your blogs are being seen by users for whom they're intended.

As part of the migration of content from the old to the new, system redirects were implemented to ensure you are able to find your content. This has an impact on your blogs: when you move blogs from your personal space into topic spaces, the blog URL will change - that means that the redirects will no longer work. For example:

If your old blogs are linked to from other areas of SCN, or from other sites, you should consider updating those places with the new URL. This is also important if you've created a blog series - most have links to all the blogs in the series, and it would be prudent to ensure that each instance is updated with the new URL.

There's certainly some effort required of bloggers, but with the new Jive-based platform, it's a two-click process - very easy and intuitive. To make the process easy, I've created a "tip in a minute" video that walks through the steps required to move your blogs: