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Do you have an older profile for an account that is inactive, to which you no longer have access? Maybe you changed companies and had to start a new account with the new company, or maybe you don’t have access anymore to the email that the old account was tied to.

If you were a regular contributor (or heck, even an occasional contributor) on SAP Community, or its predecessors SCN or SDN, you may have accumulated a nice body of blogs and answers, as well as a reputation of points, level, and badges in our legacy reputation system. Here, for example, is the current profile and reputation of SAP Mentor bfeeb8ed7fa64a7d95efc21f74a8c135:

And here is the legacy reputation accumulated by Paul in a previous profile:

While Paul has been active with his current profile and has content and reputation in it, he would certainly want SAP Community members to know that that profile does not represent the full scope of his content and reputation in the community, and he would want them to be able to find his older blog posts and other content. So he would want this profile to remain visible to other SAP Community members.

If this sounds like your situation, you may be worried right now that your older, inactive profile will “disappear” soon because you can’t log into that account anymore to set the privacy setting for that profile to “Allow” your profile to be displayed publicly.

I’m here to tell you that all is not lost!

You can still change the privacy setting for that older, inactive profile to public, now or even after it gets hidden by default when our new privacy settings go into effect in the next hours and days. You just need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. If the old account is not active (meaning you cannot reset the password), fill out this contact form or send an email to sapnetwork@sap.com to ask for their assistance. Let them know that you want to link your old, inactive profile to your current, active one. Give them the link to both of the profiles and/or the SAP ID account numbers, and let them know you are not able to log into the old one as the account is inactive. They will likely respond with a few questions that you will need to answer so that they can verify that you are the true owner of the inactive profile.

  2. Once the profiles have been linked, you might find that both your inactive profile and your currently active profile are no longer public. In cases where a profile with a privacy setting of “Allow” is linked to a profile with a privacy setting of “Do Not Allow,” the “Do Not Allow” setting takes precedence, to ensure that private profiles do not get unintentionally switched to public. (See the Privacy Setting FAQ.)In the next step you can change this, so that the linked profiles are both public.

  3. Log into your currently active profile and go into your Account Settings (select Account Settings from the avatar dropdown in the header). In the Privacy Settings section, enable the profile to be publicly displayed by clicking the Edit Privacy Settings link, then selecting the green “Allow” button. This will set the Privacy Setting of the currently active profile AND the linked inactive profile to “Allow.” Now both profiles are visible publicly.

You can read more about Profile Linking in my previous blog post: https://blogs.sap.com/2017/12/14/hey-look-its-both-of-the-tammys-together/