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All right, now it's all about tags (or metadata tags).
If you need to know more about this term, and WHY we must use them, please read "Using tags".

I made a tutorial to help you to find the Q&A's tags for follow your interest, modules, or whatever you need to know 😉

Let's begin.

  1. Download the Excel File provided by SAP for "see" all the metadata tags that SAP creates.

  2. Open with Excel.

  3. Check and filter (uncheck blank cells) for column "K".

  4. At cell "L4" add this text: "&tag=type:question"

  5. At the next cell from column "L", make this formula: "=K6&$L$4"
    Explanation: this formula will concatenate the URL given by SAP with the text "&tag=type:question", so you will have a new URL.

  6. The new URL will find only QUESTIONS at the primary tag, and if they exists, you could find the Q&A tag.

  7. Important note. Do not confuse.
    The resulting URL is NOT the tag for Q&A, first had to exist some question in the tag.

  8. Open the question., and find the correct tag's q&a link above it.


For "Banking"

The Community tag in Excel file is:


With the formula, we add a new column: https://go.sap.com/community/tag.html?id=131623764915182240635655&tag=type:question

Now open that URL in new tab. At the moment I'm writing this document, only 2 results.
Opening either, and will see (read) above the TITLE of question, the link to tag's Banking for Q&A.
I mean: https://answers.sap.com/questions/metadata/21688/banking.html



Yes, I knew it. Welcome to the new SCN. 🙂

If you need a basic list, I've been updating my list of tags when questions are being created in the tags that seem to me are the most used.