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Update per January 4th 2016:

I have been notified that this workaround might no longer work, since it the URL used for registration points to the old platform.

The correct way should be to use the »Join Us« link, but I am not sure whether this will help you create a P-user.

If somebody has managed to create a P-user successfully using the proper registration procedure, I would very much like to hear so in the comments below, to this post can be adjusted accordingly.

The same goes, if somebody have managed to get SAP to merge or move once old S-user account on SCN.

First a little background

There is already some good documentation on Register, Create and Manage Your Profile, but if you also read Support FAQ for User IDs and Passwords, you will see, that something like merging accounts is not possible at the moment.(Re: how to merge two S-ID's)

The people behind SCN is working on it, but it takes time.

The caveat

Now, it is really easy just to register an new account if you have a new S-User id, but for instance, if you like me just have switched job, and got a new S-User id, here is why you should not do that.

S-user accounts are partner accounts. Meaning that the account belongs to the company and not to the user. So if for example the user leaves the company that he/she works for, the account might become inactive, and you content, points etc. is potentially lost.

So from me and someone at the Support Group, SAP Community Network Team, the recommendation is to create a P-user (as in personal)  on SCN instead

That way this account (including all content, points etc.) will be yours forever.

So to save others for the pain I have been through by changing S-User id, and loosing my points and reputation (and the fact that I have to start all over again, and as a noob, have all my post moderated), i hereby present:

How to create a Public User on SCN

- since it was not that obvious to me :smile:

First do not use the »Join Us« link on the top of the welcome page

It will take you to a registration form where you can not choose between the different supported user types on SCN.

Instead go to: http://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/scn/register

This will give you the proper form for register a Public user

From this form choose Public User, and the fill out your

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Display Name (this is your handle or name of your profile on SCN, and it has to be unique, and it can not be changed later!)
  • Email Address (this has to be unique as well. If you have used this email on another old profile, you are prompted to choose another)
  • Password

Read and accept the terms, and pres »Continue«

Then you will shortly receive a link for activation of your new profile on the Email Address chosen in the form before, and you are ready to finalize the profile, and can begin to engage in the SAP Community Network, with your own private profile - enjoy!