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Active Participant
Working as a Junior Consultant,
I used to contribute my skills towards SCN People, connecting many experts, mentors, students across the world.

It’s always felt better every day while using SAP Community sites, it’s made learn something new every day. The major thing is will get product updates & many more…

Firstly, I used to check Home Page, from top to bottom why because all product updates, any new modules, challenges, events & many more…

SAP Community Home

I use topic section, if I feel if any topic is new to me: Browse Topics | SAP Community


Topics, I used to contribute either in way of Answering, Questioning & used to research on some issues to solve the problem of SCN People, in the mean while I used to post a question to get some hints to solve my problem. As Resources are of available in tags, if I find missing anything which I used to work on the module, will use the Topic Resources Tab in particular Tag module.


SAP Master Data Governance | SAP Community : One of the core topic which I used to working on mostly.

ABAP Development (sap.com) : To answering a question or giving hints.

SAP Business Application Studio | SAP Community | SAP Business Application Studio | SAP Community : Providing the information & configuration, the process which I worked on.

SAPUI5 | SAP Community : Worked on some applications & spreading the knowledge.

abapgit | SAP Community, gcts | SAP Community SAP Business Workflow | SAP Community :
Used to take part of my contribution to these tags as well

SAP Learning Groups | SAP Community : I used to give guidance to the new learners & used to share my learning experience

Career Corner - SAP Community Groups : I used to follow some mentor advices over here & used to share my journey, how I entered into SAP World & used to upskilling myself.

Groups | SAP Community : Checking of Activity of Groups & taking part in Competition & Challenges


Hyderabad - SAP Community Groups : I joined SAP Inside Trach Hyderabad #sitHYD & used to attend events, got connected with consultants & became a good friends 😊

I attended #sitHYD Events sharing the links of LinkedIn Post:




SAP Developers Official YouTube Channel – I follow Developer News & Tutorials (https://www.youtube.com/@sapdevs/videos)

If I find any new topics, I used to make use of this of this site for step by step implementation with screenshots. (https://developers.sap.com/tutorial-navigator.html)

If I want to any new skill with full course will going to choose this platform (https://learning.sap.com/)

For Official Documentation will refer this site – (SAP Help Portal)

openSAP used to check new courses,
if I find any course helpful which connect to module – (Courses | openSAP)


I keep on exploring many things in SAP & keeping consistency towards learning & upgrading my Skills & providing solutions in real world.


Thank You,
Suggu Sandeep.