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We are used to thinking that our job is something that we know and we know well.  However, that new project requires XYZ.   You are not all knowing - so you have no idea on how to do XYZ.

Quick!   Check your co-workers.   Someone must know.   No, no one does.  Or they do, but not in the way you need it.

So your next check is the internet.   For me, Google knows all.   The problem is 100 different youtube videos and 1000 other things popup.   Who can you trust.  And dang it - you need the correct tool.

Well, you could try them one by one to figure out which one works.   That sounds time consuming and does not make for a fun day.   Some are out of date, some seem to give you the answer but what tool/program are they using?

SAP Community to the Rescue - One of my favorite places!

My personal favorite place is the answer to that question. (Most of the time)  SAP Developer Center - this is a part of the community, but a quick way to get there is clicking on the link.   Then bookmarking, favorites or whatever you use.

My favorite place to be there is the tutorial section.

Menu->Learn->Develop your skills  or the link SAP Tutorial Navigator.

Here you can find out how to do XYZ.   You can find out how to download or buy the tools you need.   I personally do not like Visual Studio Code.  I am learning to love Visual studio code - SE80 just isn't doing what I need.  Eclipse doesn't have everything either.  So time to take the tutorial for me - again.   Yes, sometimes it takes more than one time.

Now there are times when a new tool is needed or wanted.   In those cases, I have to show what a tool can do.  The best way I know to show that is a demo.   I create my demo by downloading a trial version from the SAP Developer site.  It's "easy" to develop some prototypes to show to the project leads.

Why did I write this Blog?

Quick and easy way to share information on one of my favorite places in the community.   A close second place is the groups section.

Join me in sharing your information on your place in the community.  If your long winded like me - write a blog or better yet post in groups.  There are many, and one of which is Application Development, there is a Learning group as well.  Do some exploring.

If you are more to the point add to the comments please.

Can I get someone comment about how to post in groups?  My blog post is getting too long, and I love to hear from you.

This year has been interesting and fun for me.  I am learning one new technology/skill on almost all my projects.  How about you?  What are some of the fun things you've learned this year?

As always a good discussion is why I write "these things".   It is also a good reason to switch to groups.  (Smile)  I write there too.

Some helpful blogs:

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