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Are you one of the members of SAP Community who “lost” your content and reputation because you had to get a new account when you changed jobs, or because of some other reason? It can be frustrating when you feel you have to “start from scratch” with a new account and don’t have a good way to show other members that you’ve been part of the community for a long time already.

Enter our new profile linking capability, which we just rolled out.

What is profile linking?

Profile linking allows you to link the profiles of additional accounts you have or have had in the past to your current, active profile. When profiles are linked, snapshots of the profiles from your other accounts appear in your current, active profile, like this example from tammy.powlas3:

In this way, if you have multiple accounts from various relationships with SAP, you can display the accumulated profiles together, letting others see that you are indeed experienced and not a newbie in the community. This also allows other members who used to follow you to more easily find your new profile and re-follow you, so they won’t miss any new content you publish.

Does profile linking unify the accounts?

It’s important to understand that profile linking does not combine the linked accounts in any way or consolidate the content list or the reputation or followers. The content lists, reputation, and social graph of each account and profile remain separate, although they are displayed together.

Profile linking also does not make it possible to log into your inactive accounts to create more content or acquire additional reputation in those accounts.

How do I link my profiles together?

To prepare to link a second profile to your current, active profile, first make sure you have the login information for the second account, namely:

  • User ID of the second account, meaning the S-, P-, I-, D-, or C-user for that account
    If you are able to log in to that account, you can find the user ID on the Account Settings page, as shown here:

    Alternatively, you can visit accounts.sap.com to see all of the user IDs associated with your email address (assuming there is more than one user ID associated with the address).(If the account you want to link is inactive and you can no longer log into it, send an email to sapnetwork@sap.com to request guidance on retrieving the user ID.)

  • Password for that second account
    If you forgot the password for the second account, as long as that account is still active, you can reset the password via this link or by clicking "Forgot Password" on any log on screen.
    If the account is no longer active, you can fill out this contact form or send an email to sapnetwork@sap.com to request guidance.

Once you have the user ID and password for the second account, follow these steps to link that profile to your current profile:

  1. Log into the SAP Community using your current, active account.

  2. Select “Account Settings” in the dropdown menu in the header..


  3. On the "Account Settings" page, select "Link Profiles."

  4. Enter the user ID of the second account, along with the password, in the fields provided, then click the "Link Profile" button.

  5. The two profiles are now linked together.

What kind of account profiles can I link?

You can link profiles for all types of SAP accounts (P users, S users, C users, I users, and D users). You can even link profiles from inactive accounts to your current account if you still know the password for the inactive account.

I forgot the password for my old account. What can I do?

If the old account is still active, you can reset the password yourself via this link or by clicking "Forgot Password" on any log on screen. Once the password has been reset, you should be able to link the profile from that old account to the profile of your current account.

If the old account is not active (meaning you cannot reset the password), you can fill out this contact form or send an email to sapnetwork@sap.com to request guidance.

Is profile linking reversible? What happens if I change my mind?

Yes. To unlink a profile that was previously linked, simply click on the “x” in the top right corner of the profile snapshot for that account in your current, active profile.

Does profile linking change the status of the accounts associated with the profiles?

No, accounts are not changed when you link their profiles.

If you were able to log on using your current, active account prior to linking profiles, nothing changes; you can log on with it afterwards too.

If you were not able to log on using an inactive account before you linked its profile to your active profile, this also doesn’t change: you will not be able to log on with it after linking, either.

Ready to link your profiles?

We are excited that there is finally a way for community members to show everyone a fuller picture of themselves. This is a good step in the right direction, and hopefully will help those who feel they “lost” reputation when they changed accounts.

With profile linking, you can now effectively “regain” that reputation and show other members a fuller picture of “you at SAP.” Just like Tammy!