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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
I'm hopelessly confused on how to use the new forum and I don't believe it's intuitive enough to encourage new users...

There's a reason that magazine web sites and your facebook home page are full of attractive things to click on! Can we do that?

Right now, the most obvious "browse" option just takes me to a search of tags that may or may not have anything to do with what I'm interested in -- and it's very "dumb" -- i.e. "SME" or "SMB" or "Small business" (etc) brings up zero results, rather than hinting on what my high-level interest might translate to in terms of product tags.

E.g. A search for "analytics" brings up Predictive Analytics only, not anything else to do with BI, and if I go to that section there's no links to any other BI areas, or any indication that they exist (unlike the old menuing, that at least showed that it was the subsection of something bigger)....

And I don't think anybody will ever find a section like "business trends" unless they happen to have been sent there by a link...

And once I'm in a section I like, and I'd like to check it out sometimes, how do I get back to it? There's no convenient menuing, or shortcut-storing, or anything that I can see?

And I just found out that I CAN'T EVEN POST THIS because it needs a primary tag, and I have NO IDEA what that tag should be!

I can't believe there's no "community" tag in the community! I also tried SCN (no) Forum (no) Ideas (no) Feedback (no)...  +several swear words that didn't work, either.

Finally -- "coffee corner". Probably not right place, but hey... (I did find  "ideas" at one point -- although it was really hard to find and refind, but this isn't an idea, it's more of a rant / plea 🙂 )

I'm a HUGE believer in community, it's something we have to encourage, and optimize, and expand... HELP...