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Go a little bit deeper into the Welcome Corner with blog posts. Learn how to get started in SAP Community and get tips on maximizing your participation.
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Community Advocate
Community Advocate
We’ve set up a Group called “Welcome Corner” where you can introduce yourself, make connections with like-minded SAP Community members, and take part in lively discussions! To access, click on “Groups” in the top navigation and choose “Welcome Corner” from the drop-down menu.

Who can join the Welcome Corner?

This Group is open to any SAP Community member! We welcome everyone here. Come and say hello, make new connections, get involved in a discussion or even start one of your own! If you are new to SAP Community, this might even be a good place to start and get to know others and get some tips on how to get the most out of your overall experience.

How do I set up my username/profile?

First time users of Groups will need to click on the avatar symbol and follow the steps to set up a username. To enhance your user experience, be sure to “join” a Group so that you can comment and take part, as well as receive notifications.
If you need more help, please see the short “how-to” demos listed in the “Further resources” section at the bottom of this blog post.

*Please note: currently as we ramp up the Groups platform and the integration of that platform there is a separation in profiles - however it's based on your display name when posting, the underlying SSO ID for login is the same.

What are the benefits of joining the Welcome Corner?

  • Introduce yourself and make connections – you might even meet people from your own city or region

  • Get involved in a lively discussion, or start one of your own

  • Meet fellow SAP Community members and SAP experts

  • Get tips on getting started with SAP Community or how to get the most out of your experience with Groups

  • Get the bi-weekly SAP Community News from your advocates

  • Find out about announcements and other new Groups, for example watch out for a location-based Group in your region

Who can read my comments and discussions, are they public or private?

In general, conversations occurring within the Group may be read by anyone, but only Group members (those who “join”) can participate with comments or feedback. One exception is the Private Messenger functionality.

What can I discuss?

Discuss topics that you would like to raise with other SAP Community members or ask questions. If you would like to have a more informal chat about an off-topic subject, then you might also want to join our Coffee Corner Group.
All we ever ask is for members to be kind and follow our rules of engagement.

Call to action:

Don’t be shy! Come on over to the Welcome Corner and leave a comment and tell us a bit about yourself under the welcome post there: Welcome all SAP Community members, start here!

We look forward to your interactions – help us to help make Groups great!

Further resources: