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Community Administrator

********** Update January 26, 2017 **********

Official voting closed January 26, 2018 2PM EST. Final counts show matt.fraser as our Community Manager Appreciation Day Caption Contest winner, c436ae948d684935a91fce8b976e5aa7 in second, and florian.henninger in third. Nice job, Matt... it really is quite clever:)

Top Submissions:

matt.fraser "A well-timed STOP exception prevents a FATAL error."

c436ae948d684935a91fce8b976e5aa7 "Stop! Stop now! No more: Crimes... Against... The managers."

florian.henninger "Guard: come on, go fast!"   "Cat: miau, I wait for Capra?"

Between the three, what a nice combination of tech humor, community manager appreciation, and shout-out to our  Capra!!! My appreciation to all who participated:)


SAP’s community managers and moderators work hard every day to nurture the SAP Community. Although the work can be rewarding and network-building, it can also be time consuming and challenging.

Community managers deserve more giggles! So do the needful by participating in our Community Manager Appreciation Day Caption Contest. Share some laughs to honor the dedication of the men of women who build, grow and manage the SAP Community.

How to Participate:

  • Come up with a humorous caption to go with the cartoon & publish it as a comment on this post

  • You can post as many captions as you want (as long as they’re all funny:)

  • Keep it professional — sarcasm and wit is fine, but don’t be mean, it’s supposed to be celebration

  • Vote for your favorite captions by giving a like to the relevant comments

  • You can vote for as many captions as truly amuse you

  • Come back through the week to judge the new entries

  • The caption that receives the most votes wins!

Caption entries and voting will close on Friday January 26th at 11AM PST / 2PM EST / 8PM CET.

There are no prizes, but you will have brightened the week of our community managers, moderators, and the rest of the SAP Community. I will also send a printed hard copy with the winning caption to the winner.

Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day!