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Former Member

Hello Fellow community members,

Greetings for SCN going to be 10 !!!!

Really, I feel proud to be the member of largest pool of SAP community. As far as, I remember, I became the member of SAP Community Network ( SCN) in the beginning of 2008.And since then, it has been a long journey of  vast learning and experience - for I always feel that I am not alone in the SAP world - but with me are always, some of leading experts from the community worldwide , which will always help me in any coding gimmicks, in which I will ever stuck.The greatest part of being a member of SCN is that you always get passionate to dig more deeper to know further about SAP.If SAP is a wonder- Planet-Product  of today, then its members are certainly its inhabitants !

      I have been involved with SCN in all respects - whether it is following places,people ,Document sharing,Blogs or commenting on members questions.I also have shared several documents for knowledge sharing and also posted replies to members questions.Certainly, it gives value to your efforts and your points tickle to new heights and levels.But the greatest satisfaction comes from the positive feedback from members , when they are benefited and their problem is solved.'Certainly, we are here to help each other !'  - this thought always comes first in the mind.

I am largely associated with the places - ABAP Development  ,ABAP Application Development  etc. and am a Bronze member and certainly, this list will go on in the future.Being a Bronze member in SCN , also add values to your resume. I was really surprised, when my manager congratulated me on attaining level of 'Bronze Level'.Certainly, it adds value to your career and provides industry wide recognition.

   Now days, SCN is more like a treasure for the SAP professionals , where they can find solutions to their issues and learning resources.This makes SCN more valuable and useful and for the years to come - it should become more valuable by encompassing more professionals into it network and must provide valuable seminars , notes and learning resources for the upcoming technologies and help the members in keeping them up-to-date.Moreover,some live chat facilities should also be added for members, if they want to communicate lively.

    Everything begins from Ideas - and certainly SCN is no exception ! It is not grown in a day; but because of contribution of thousands of ameatures, budding professionals and experts.This makes us realize that we all are important and responsible for SCN. So let us gear ourselves once again and contribute/use SCN

to its full potential in a responsible manner and make it a valuable repository !

Congratulating everybody once again  for the success and phenomenal growth of SCN and times to come !