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Note to SAP Community members: SAP recognizes the importance of the integrity of the SAP Community. In an effort to continue to support the community and at the same time adapt to this time of uncertainty, we are creating a temporary space for partners who have free solutions that can help you continue to move forward. Our intention is to give you direct access to their solutions as they may provide you with practical help to tackle COVID-19 disruptions.


We know that those with frontline teams have been hit especially hard by this pandemic. To help you get back on track, adapt to new (and changing) realities, and create a safe and productive environment for your frontline team members, Axonify would like to offer you the following:

  • FREE microlearning content bundles to help ease your frontline communication and training challenges

  • Three months of FREE access to the Axonify application for your frontline employees

Retail Associate Bundle

  1. Empathy Training

  2. Non-Verbal Communication Skills

  3. Suggestive Selling - Retail

  4. Communication Skills

  5. Positive Language for Customer Service

  6. Transitioning from a Peer to a Leader

Grocery Associate Bundle

  1. Communication Skills

  2. Grocery Bagging Techniques

  3. Customer Service Essentials

  4. Stocking Merchandise in Grocery

  5. Receiving Food Deliveries

  6. Department Specific Subjects Including Produce, Meat and Bakery

Call Center Agent Bundle

  1. First Call Resolution

  2. Telephone Etiquette

  3. Empathy Training

  4. Positive Language for Customer Service

  5. Learning Patience

Frontline Safety Bundle

  1. Lockout Tagout

  2. Forklift Safety

  3. Falls Prevention

  4. Personal Protective Equipment

  5. Respiratory Protection

  6. Communication Skills/SMART Goals/Feedback/Stress

HR Compliance Bundle

  1. About Sexual Harassment

  2. Harassment in the Workplace

  3. Violence in the Workplace

  4. Diversity in the Workplace

  5. Active Shooter Prep and Support

 COVID-19 Bundle

  1. Protecting Yourself and Your Frontline from Viruses

  2. How to Work from Home

  3. Hand Hygiene - Proper Steps

  4. Maintaining Mental Health During Difficult Times

  5. Remaining Calm and Patient in Difficult Situations

  6. Conducting Virtual Meetings

If you are interested in this offer please visit us in the SAP App Center and click the "Contact Us" button.