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A Universal Code Page for our SAP Community?

The next round of upcoming SAP Community platform changes are exciting in one sense and dreadful in another, meaning not full of dread but maybe a pinch, as every change small or large may cause blisters. Between the time I started this post in November 2023, and now, mid-December 2023, refinements to the SAP Community entity have been announced, rolled out, and dead-lined. What began here as questions about privacy evolved into areas such as right to be digitally forgotten, and, maybe, the ability to not be forgotten if you choose (ymmv, legal terms & conditions are beyond my ken),

Looking back at the SAP Universal ID project:

Helpful Tips from the Customer Interaction Center SAP Universal ID

Yeah, 2020 almost 3 years to the day since that was posted,  One comment, and a few reads.

Conditional and Enhanced Integration for SAP Universal ID and how it works with SAP's built-in Suppo...

2021 for this one, also but a few comments.

UID done in 2021


One Platform

Conflating One Id with One Platform can be misleading; what I see in the SAP Community roll-out is moving to each individual being identifiable, and the Community user experience is leveled, like a classic all-in-one desktop killer app, so when you move from articles to Q&A you aren't jarred by differing page layouts, terms, and color schemes.

I am okay moving from WordPress to a work-alike-press if that limits sub-site differences, though having "blogs" and "articles" that are alike but not identical will require concerted effort to distinguish which to leverage for what content (or just switch from old school to new school and be done).


Does this parse?


Status: Targeted date to migrate all S-user IDs to SAP Universal ID accounts until 2023.

I read "until 2023" as vague and imprecise as a planned system behavior change date. Is it December 31, 2023 when you may only use the Universal ID?


One Person, One Avatar


No image, not a person?

Former member Question

In some cases, former but employed at some time:


My History Fix

When I posted the story of my testing a rollout of a platform change in 2021 [ Universality is Worth Having for Community Continuity/ ] I was left with the notion that my prior Community contributions were out of my control, even stating at the time that my "historical/legacy SAP community accounts are locked from my use, as they predate the concepts/restrictions that led to the Universal ID being created."

Whether the rules changed or not, I was informed this year I could simply connect the old content to my current account and voilà, all done. In fact, that change was scary but satisfying, like seeing a renovated object returned to its former luster.

What I missed then was a third eye account.

Then, August/September and this post:

Why is September 5 an Important day for the SAP Community?

Ah, door closed:

Starting September 5  the only way that you may log into the SAP Community is with your SAP UID. "

Fine, I thought I was set.

"Because of GDPR we are no longer allowed to keep inactive accounts alive forever"



Your accounts are currently being merged and have been temporarily disabled. You will not be able to use or create any content with these accounts until the merge is complete.


Late update: minimally viewed content will be purged.

The Zombie Account-a-clypse

While I was staring at a variety of SAP TechEd and ASUG Tech Connect streams in New Orleans, I was notified about a private account here, which I would need to take action on, or something to that effect.

Well, I am sure I painted myself into that corner ignoring a prior account when I merged the main 2 in September. How do I react to "SAP Community is moving to a new platform that doesn't support a completely private, hidden profile"?

Ah, here is the link:

What's new/important information for our 'private' members



Move an account from public to private: "why, oh why, can't I?"


Phase Shifts:

  • Had one or more old IDs, got UID, keeping SAP Community presence active

  • Was on a prior SAP Community platform:

    • Decided to remove all traces and leave on purpose

    • Moved on, didn't look back, or couldn't (security/privacy/competitor)

    • Was active, got distracted, intend to restart my activities

    • Kicked out for rule violation (e.g. spammer or hacked account)

    • Auto-bots removed my old content when I wasn't looking

  • Just learned about account merging, need help curating historic work



Former = Choose not to remain in the community, or related circumstances

Private = Chose to maintain a community presence, without notice

Inactive = Have left a role and lost credentials, maybe



More to come about the new blogging tools.

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