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It's my first day on our "new home" and I think it's worth sharing my experience and learning so far.

(As - I guess - most of us do, I have an SCN background).

What I did so far:
- looking around in general.
- added a picture
- Writing a blog post: https://blogs.sap.com/2016/10/10/first-steps-new-commnity..../
- get an "alert moderation" for it (but I would not have known, hadn't oliver
told me so in the comments.)
- read about how to report bugs: http://go.sap.com/community/about/support.html
earlier I had read a blog post with the same content - I knew it back from SCN, and did manage to find it here in the SAP Community using the search (it was called something like "How to report bugs on the new platform"); when searching again,  I didn't find it.
But now doing yet another search with the title I just mentioned, I found it again: https://blogs.sap.com/2016/10/05/reporting-bugs-and-providing-feedback-after-go-live

- Using the Q+A: https://answers.sap.com/questions/27722/bug-notification-counter-is-not-reset.html
- "Accepting" an answer
- closing the question
- Answering a Question about how I like Q+A: https://answers.sap.com/questions/27325/what-do-you-think-about-our-new-qa-platform.html
- re-tagging of some old blogs
- Submit some Ideas in Idea Place

- 1st time, I wrote an answer to a Non-Platform(Using SAP.com)-Question

Things I found out:
- SCN had the very cool feature, that when you pasted an SCN-URL, (e.g. a blog or a profile link), it would automatically change the link to the respective title. This didn't work in Q&A ( https://answers.sap.com/) but Blogs ( https://blogs.sap.com/ ) seems to have a similar feature, providing a preview of a blog-Link (see above at"Writing a blog post" Update: I got a preview earlier (when writing), but now it seems to be gone?!).
- In Q+A you can "answer" and "comment", those seem not to be the same things.
- you do have up/down-vote buttons on your own comments, however, when you click them, you get a message you can't vote on your own content.
- The blog editor gives a "Word count" - don't know what that could be used for (maybe set yourself a goal to stop at 1000  Words or something?)
- Using the Link-Button in the editor, in one place (Q+A) I can insert links and give it a name, here in Blogs it seems to just create a clickable link out of the URL, I can't give the link a name diffrent from
the URL...
. I can do it here, too to but I have to click on "link options".
- Q+A and Blogs seem to be (and I think  that was communicated as well) different pieces of software - I'm not soure how well that fits to "one digital expereince?!"
-Likes on Blog-Comments have not been migrated.
- Deleting an answer is very fast: 1. click 2. it's gone! (no "are you sure?" or anything!)
- You can re-publish moderated Blogs yourself (after you fixed them).

Things I like:
- How I can "save" a blog and get a preview of it
- That I can continue adding content to a "closed" question.
- The people here are the same as on SCN (I guess).
- I can now copy something to notepad to remove all the formatting, then copy it back (in SCN this would set the font size to "really, really small”!)

Things I dislike
- That I can't publish a blog I just saved from the preview.
- how the "header line" does not stay on the top of the screen but vanishes, when I scroll down - is this supposed to be like that (on a Desktop)?
- When editing a Blog, I usually also give a "Editorial comment"
1. they seem not to be connected to the versions at all (it would be nice if the revision of a version would also give it's editorial comment
2. if I just click "update" my editorial comment is gone! 😞  I have to first click "respond to this post", then on "update" to save both.
- I can only "accept" one answer to a Question?! Ther is no way to somehow mark other helpfull answers!?

Things I'd like to know:
- Some statistics: What kind of users use the new community? How many are from SCN? How many came here without beeing migrated from SCN? Logins per day/total, Blogs, Questions, Comments and so on posted by each of those groups.
- in Q+A, the fact that you can up-and downvote answers (and people will sort answers by those votes) will change the style you give multiple replies to a question: instead of putting them all in one reply, you should create one answer per content-item, right?
- when will be the first time, I see a user with no lagacy reputation (-> a "native" SAP Community User)?


So far for my first experiences - I plan to update this blog when I find out or do more!