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Community Manager

If you’ve already been active in the new beta community, you have probably already logged in and discovered what your own new profile looks like there. Maybe you’ve even uploaded a photo and filled out the bio and other fields already.

Or maybe you haven’t tried out the beta community yet (find information on trying it here: Open Beta Starts... Now! | SCN), but would like to at least have a look at how your new profile is shaping up over there?

And whether you’re new to the beta community or have been exploring it for a few weeks already, how do you find the new profiles of other familiar folks from SCN? How can you find them in the beta community?

I’ve compiled some tips for varous ways to do this.

Let’s start with finding your own new profile in the beta community. There are actually three ways to do this:

  • navigate there from the community landing page
  • use search to find it
  • build a URL to get there

I explain each of these methods here.

Navigating to your new profile in the beta community starting from the community landing page

To start, go to the new beta community and log in (if you’ve visited before you may be auto logged in, but you may have to click on the grey avatar in the top right corner and explicitly log in if that doesn’t happen).

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see your avatar appear in the header.

Click on the avatar and a menu will appear.

In that menu, click on either your name or your avatar.

Your new profile opens up.

Using search to find your profile

The second way to find your profile is to use search.

From one of the community pages, such as the community landing page, click on the magnifying glass in the header.

The search page opens up, and you can enter your name in the search field.

Click the Search button and you'll find a results list of items that include your name.

Now narrow the search down to profiles by selecting People@SAP in the TYPE filter on the right hand side.

Now you see only profiles. Select yours from the list. That's all there is to it!

Using a URL to access your new profile

A third way to access your new profile in the beta is to put together the URL for that profile page and enter it in the address bar in your browser.

Start by going to your profile in the current SCN. For example, here is my current profile on SCN:

In the address bar (in the screen shot I am using Firefox), grab the portion of the URL right after “http://scn.sap.com/people/” That is your SCN ID* (not the same as your SAP ID, which is usually an S, P, I, C, or D number). My SCN ID is “oddss”, for example. You can see it in the URL of my SCN profile:

Once you’ve grabbed that SCN ID, append it to the following text: https://people.sap.com/

So for example, in my case, the final URL would look like this: https://people.sap.com/oddss

Paste that whole URL into the address bar, and this will take you to your new user profile. In my case, pasting the URL above will result in my new profile appearing:

Finding the new profile of another SCN member

So how do you find the new profile in community beta of a member of the current SCN? You can use two of the same methods described above to find the profile of another member in beta:

  • Find their profile using search
  • Use a URL to get to their profile

Finding other users' new profiles using search is pretty straightforward, so I won't describe it here. (Just follow the same steps shown above but enter that person's name instead of your own.)

To use a URL to get to another member's new profile, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the profile of that member in the current SCN.
  2. Grab that person's SCN ID from the address bar, just like I described above for grabbing your own: Select the portion of the URL right after “http://scn.sap.com/people/”
  3. Once you’ve grabbed the member’s SCN ID, append it to the following text: https://people.sap.com/ and paste the full URL into the address bar. Press Enter.
  4. The new user profile of that member in the beta community will appear.

For example, if I go to @caroleigh.deneen’s SCN profile, I can grab her SCN ID, caroleigh.deneen, from her SCN profile URL.

I can then paste that portion onto the end of https://people.sap.com/ to get the URL to her new profile in the beta community: https:/people.sap.com/caroleigh.deneen

That’s all there is to it!

I urge you to check out your new profile, upload a photo if you haven’t already done so, and start exploring (or continue exploring) the new beta community. You can even earn a mission and badge if you provide your feedback!

* Important Note: For some current SCN members, the profile team had to change their user name (based on their SCN ID) slightly to conform to the user name rules for the new profile (for example, they had to be 40 characters or less). So if you grab your SCN ID and append it onto the people.sap.com URL and that results in an error, post a question in the SCN Support space and we will help find your new, correct user profile link.